ASLAN Client Work

As a Senior Consultant at ASLAN I have worked with some of the country’s most recognized brands. A few include:

HMC; Merck; MetLife Insurance; 21st Century Insurance; MSC Industrial Supply; Cortland Properties; BCBSMA; BCBSSC; Seattle Repertory Theater; Suburban Propane; Schneider Electric; Village Health; Corbis; Aimco; Otis Spunkmeyer, and Pearson Education.

Results we’ve gotten at various companies:

  1. Over the course of two years, taught and coached 100+ managers and supervisors leadership and coaching skills as a way to re-engage employees, substantially increase member retention and eliminate compliance violations.
  2. Over the course of one year, taught and coached 50+ managers and supervisors leadership and coaching skills as a way to increase sales conversions, meet sales goal metrics, and reduce compliance violations. To date: 1) teams have seen a 33% increase in sales conversion rates; 2) percent to yearly sales goal has increased (example: one team went from 84.7% to goal to 123.1% to goal after implementing coaching; and 3) compliance issues have plummeted. Sales supervisors also report a much more engaged workforce, higher discretionary effort and lower employee turnover.
  3. Over the course of fourteen months, taught 150+ managers and supervisors leadership and coaching skills as a way to improve sales conversions and increase customer satisfaction. Sales conversions varied but went up on average by 30-42%; service metrics were harder to evaluate but supervisor reports are that escalated calls are down and higher customer satisfaction scores by customers. Both sales and service teams have also reported lower employee turnover.
  4. Led a pilot program in two of five call centers to measure ROI. The approach was two-pronged: 1) worked with the direct service team to help them embrace their role as ambassadors for their customers; and 2) coached management team to help them understand how to lead and coach their teams for better performance, engagement and growth. Within one month of implementing, the company had recouped its initial investment of $250,000. Over the past year, those sites continue to substantially outperform the other locations (which will be moving forward with the training and coaching programs over the coming months).
  5. Part of the team that delivered training to 1000+ customer service representatives to increase customer satisfaction and retention. In addition, we taught and coached 100 + managers leadership and coaching skills as a way to retain employees and customers. Within the first two years of implementing, we decreased customer attrition by 50%; today their attrition rate is negligible.

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