Start Your Future Now

Coaching is personal and different for everyone. The most powerful transformation through coaching begins with connection and trust. I have helped thousands people make changes large and small through coaching. I help people start and live into futures they never thought possible. Let me share some of the questions my clients have asked me and how I answer.

Who Hires You and Why?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people call me:

  • I know that I want something different for my future, but I’m not sure what that is
  • I feel like something may be missing
  • I know what I’d like to do but I’m not sure that I can
  • I feel stuck
  • I’m not sure how to make a change
  • Things are good, but I just wonder if they couldn’t be better?

How Can You Help Me?

I inspire people to believe in new possibilities. That’s where every change starts. Once you trust that a path toward what you want is possible, then we can explore possibilities, create clarity, and follow the path that works for you.

Coaching is a dynamic relationship in which we explore, learn, focus, and move. Through cycles of action and learning, you find the direction and progress you want. I believe that you are whole, not broken, and not a problem to be fixed.  You are already capable.  And, you have more answers inside you than you know.  I believe that you have endless potential and possibilities.  As coach, my role is to help you tap into that your inner strength and wisdom. Together, we strip away layers of beliefs and expectations that may be keeping you stuck, so you can discover the possibilities you care about most and create a path forward. I help you realize and expand the resources you need, so you can pursue your journey with positive energy and confidence.

Here are some ways my coaching has helped people:

  • A successful executive was faced with a feeling that she may be missing purpose in her life.  At first, she thought she need to leave her job altogether.  What emerged is that she liked her career, but she wanted to leave more of a legacy, which led to add volunteer work into her life leading to a more fulfilled life.
  • A successful corporate project manager was feeling out of balance and that she was missing out on life – and the lives of her children —  due to her demanding corporate job.  She discovered her true calling and passion for coaching, made a transition plan with her company and her family, enrolled in a coaching program and is now in control of her schedule while doing the thing that she loves.
  • A motivated and respected professional was faced with a radically changed professional environment.  None of the old ways existed anymore.  He was concerned about adapting to the changes.  What he learned was how to draw upon his past successes and how to build the capacity for fluid and rapid growth regardless of changing circumstances.  Armed with that ability, he easily navigated the new “normal” and he’s heightened his success.

Why Should I Believe You?

I have coached thousands of people, and my clients have hired me over and over to help them get lasting change and better performance. I have helped people learn and change for over twenty years as a manager, learning facilitator, and coach. I have Bachelor’s degree in human performance improvement and a Master’s degree and in positive organizational change and coaching, based on positive psychology and the science of human flourishing.

But what matters most is I have navigated my own personal change over and over for more than 30 years with coaches and on my own. I understand the experience of feeling stuck or uncertain about the future. I understand feeling limited by my background or my family or my job experience or where I lived or because of lack of education.

Once I became aware of the power of learning and choice, I realized I could change my future. My hope grew as I realized I could be the hero of my own story, and I didn’t need anyone else to change it for me. As I took action and learned my way forward, my story expanded into areas I didn’t even know existed . Did I have setbacks along the way? Many. But I always found a new way forward. As I learned more and more, I expanded and edited the story I wanted to live and over time created the life I love to live every day. I believe this is possible for anyone who wants it and is committed to creating it.

It begins with what I believe are the three fundamental truths that allow you to start your future today. Once you see the fundamental truths, nothing can stop you except you.

  1. The future change be changed. It is not written in stone.
  2. You and only you can change your future. You are the hero of your life story.
  3. You don’t have to wait for anything or anyone. You can start you future now, and you can learn anything you need.

What Do You Work on with Clients?

Just like no two individuals are the same, no two journeys are the same. But, having said that, I want to give you an idea of what to expect.  So below are some of the things that we’d explore.  Depending on where you are in your journey, some of these things might take more or less time.  It’s about you; not my process.

  • What makes you, you?  This might include things like what are your strengths, your values, your priorities.
  • What do you want your story to be?  (And, it’s okay if you don’t know yet.)
  • How to take steps towards living that story.
  • How to make refinements along the way.
  • Notice and manage how we sometimes get in our own way.   (And, by the way, if you know that you get in your own way, please don’t judge yourself:  it doesn’t make you bad, it just makes you human.)
  • How to tap into your internal fuel that will keep you going. (PERMA)
  • What might be blocking you and how to move through it
  • What are resources (people, relationships and tools) that might help you move in the direction of your future story?
  • How to handle obstacles and setbacks; how to bounce back; how a setback makes you stronger or more creative

How Do You Work with Clients?

I offer one-on-one coaching and online and interactive courses.

The One-on-One coaching program is 6 sessions over 3 months. We meet by telephone at times that are mutually agreeable.

During the application process, I learn about your situation and what you want to get from coaching. We discuss your intentions and determine whether the program is right for you and how we can work well together.

The approach for your coaching program depends on what we discover together and decide what will be most helpful. My approach is rooted in positive psychology.

My goal is that by the end of the program, you will tap into your strengths and resourcefulness, so you can pursue your journey without me. However, if we determine additional coaching would be worthwhile, we can continue as desired.

Do I need to know what I want to do – or transition into doing – before we work together?

You don’t need to have anything figured out for us to work together. All you need to know is that something in your life is not working for you, and you want to find a way forward. Then together we can uncover what you really want and how to pursue it.

How would we know if working together might not work?

Working with me may not be for you if

  • You want a quick fix
  • You expect instant results
  • You’re not prepared to put in the work or try new things

If you are ready to show up, put in the work, and learn along the way, please submit the coaching interest form below to receive a link to my calendar so you can schedule a time for us to meet.

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