Ten years ago, I didn’t know today was possible . . .

As the anniversary date of my collapse approached, I wondered how I would feel when it arrived.   In addition to feeling joy and gratitude, I am also completely overwhelmed by the thought that ten years ago, I didn’t know today was possible.

We always hear people say, you are going to be ten years older either way, so you might as well get started working on your dreams, but what about when you can’t even see the possibilities?  Or that you are told that possibilities don’t exist. Or when the clouds are so dark that all you have is faith and hope that things might be better?

I think one part of the answer comes down to the courage of the first step and then the discipline of every step after that one.  I remember when we found Dr. Barbara (eighteen months into the process).  She explained to me how I needed to alter how I was eating (for starters, I had to start eating breakfast and a high protein one at that).  She then prescribed 18 different vitamins and supplements that I was supposed to take every day, multiple times a day.  I cannot swallow pills, so this was quite daunting.  As I looked at the list, I asked her, “And, you think this will help?”  She replied, “It is your way forward today.”

The supplement bottles filled a 13×9 cake pan.  But, if they were going to make me well, I was going to take them.  Since I can’t swallow pills, we broke them open and mixed them with grape juice and called them my “vitamin cocktails;” they were the worst tasting cocktails that I’ve ever had, but I drank them.

It’s hard to believe that where I am today started with that cake pan of supplements and vitamins.  To me, it underscores the importance of beginning, of getting started.  I believe that if we have the courage and faith to start then we will end up being delighted, surprised and awed by what we can achieve and where we can go.