The Truths about Your Future

In Today’s episode, Bobbi Kahler talks about some of the key concepts that helped her reinvent her life path on multiple occasions. Bobbi shares three fundamental truths that’ll help you overcome the dark shadows of your past, build confidence in yourself, and take action to change your life path to a better direction.

Show Notes

Future can be Changed –  Oftentimes, dark moments from our past can haunt our future. But it doesn’t mean the past precisely defines our future. We can learn from the past, leave it behind, and focus on our future. Bobbi shares some of her experiences of consciously working to change her future.

You’re the Hero – Bobbi shares her thoughts on why we don’t need someone else to be our rescuer and help us figure out our strengths and how we can author our own story.

You Don’t Have to Wait – It’s okay not to have all the answers right now. Bobbi talks about why we should not wait to go outside the box and change our future.

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