Find those who care about your passion

When you are embarking on something new, it’s natural that you want to seek encouragement. We often turn to those nearest to us for that support. But, what if that support isn’t forthcoming? It can sting and we can internalize it and come up with all sorts of scenarios. But, what if we are simply looking in the wrong place for encouragement.

As my podcast guest, Britt Skrabanek, explained, it’s okay that not everyone cares about your passion as much as you do.  There are actually a lot of people in this world and some will be a match for what you care about and some wont. 

She also said that when we place that sort of expectations on others, we are setting ourselves up for frustration and disappointment.  I also think that we are potentially putting a strain on the relationship because of our — potentially — unrealistic expectations. 

Isn’t it better if we let go of the attachment that others should care about it as much as we do, and, instead, put ourselves out there and find our tribe?

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