You are a gift. Choose to thrive.

UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What is a podcast dedicated to bringing hope, knowledge and assurance that people can be more successful and more fulfilled if they choose. Here we explore the themes that help us be UnYielded and to thrive no matter what. 

We are always looking for interesting guests to interview on the podcast. We look for guests with stories and insights they’ve gained on their life journey as they have found a way to thrive.  Here are some examples:

  • People who have encountered and navigated some sort of CROSSROADS.  The crossroads might look like one of the following:
    • The INKLING: that maybe something is missing or that something could be better so we seek a new path
    • The DEADEND we recognize when the existing path no longer leads where we want to go
    • The EXTERNAL CHALLENGE forces us off our current path so that we must find a new path
  • People who have been able to take the success that they had in one area of life and translate that into success and thriving in a new area.   An example might be a former successful college athlete who uses those same lessons to become successful in their career.
  • People who are driven by a purpose or mission and that purpose keeps them moving forward no matter what.  An example might be someone who starts a non-profit to solve a problem or fill a need.  Another example is someone who chooses to live a life of service.