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I’m Bobbi Kahler

Bobbi Kahler has been called, “The Lighthouse of Positivity,” in her roles as podcaster, facilitator, coach, and speaker. She has inspired tens of thousands of people, giving them the spark to imagine new possibilities and try things they never thought possible. Bobbi leaves every learner with the gift of hope, knowledge, and assurance, that they can be more fulfilled and successful if they choose.

Two ideas drive Bobbi every day:

“I make sure every voice is heard”


“You can change your future”

Why do these matter so much?

No matter where you are on your journey…

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First, everyone has untapped potential, but we are often blinded by focusing on what we are doing today instead of remaining focused on possibilities for growing into the best we can be. Bobbi helps people set aside the worry and disappointment of present performance or stories of the past and gives them the spark of hope and belief that there is absolutely nothing and no one, except yourself, that can stop you from becoming who you want to be.

Second, too many people have not had their voices heard. This makes them feel like they don’t matter. If this happens long enough, they live into that story and they lose sight of the possibilities that exist. Bobbi helps them change that story and re-connect to their potential.

Bobbi is an extraordinary teacher, who inspires people, no matter where they are on their journey, to open up and see and believe possibilities they never dared to try before.

Bobbi studied Human Performance Improvement at DePaul University and completed her Masters Degree in Positive Organizational Development at Case Western Reserve University, where she studied with some of the most prominent researchers in the world in positive psychology, adult learning, coaching, and personal and organizational transformation.

Bobbi loves cross country skiing, road cycling, and being in nature. She is married and has 3 dogs, Moose, Jackson, and Lady. She lives in the Rocky Mountains Colorado and the Ozark Mountains Arkansas.

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