How to Dismantle the Fear of Rejection

Bobbi Kahler

In today’s episode, I want to talk about something that I see a lot in coaching: How do we dismantle the fear of rejection? It’s the new year, and we’ve all been busy, setting our resolutions and writing out good goals. And no matter how smart your goals are, you’re not going to make the progress you really want if you have your foot on the brake.

So we’re going to dive into a concept that I read in Tim Gallwey’s fabulous book, The Inner Game of Tennis. In the book, Tim talks about how the greatest opponent that any of us face is not the one on the other side of the net. It’s the one on our side of the net, meaning ourselves. 

So I thought that it’d be good the first few months of the year to learn how do we unknowingly become our own toughest opponent. And more importantly, what can we do to navigate so we can get our foot off the brake. The first episode in this series is about how to dismantle the fear of rejection.

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The Inner Game of Tennis – Tim Gallwey

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