How Are You Being A Role Model?

A role model is someone that others look up to as an example of how to conduct themselves. Everyone has the potential to be a role model. It is just that not everyone serves as a positive role model for others. That is why it is critical to consider how you intend to present yourself as a role model in your community.

Show Notes

Role Modeling – The lessons that stick with us the most throughout our lives are not necessarily those we are taught but rather those we observe or experience for ourselves. This is why role modeling is critical.

Do it Right – Generally, our actions speak for you louder than our words. Throughout our daily lives, we are presented with several opportunities to pick what type of role model we will be by the way we conduct our lives. Hence do it right.

Two questions – Question yourself and figure out the legacy you are creating by the way you spend your life and the legacy you desire to leave. If they are dissimilar to one another, it is time to adjust.

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