I’ll Be Happy When

In this episode I address one of the biggest lies that we tell ourselves: 

“I’ll be happy when .. . “

Nearly every high achiever that I’ve coached – and I’ve coached a lot of them over the years – has fallen prey to this trap. 

And, make no mistake, it is a trap.  It keeps us stuck – but more about that in the episode.  

Why does it happen?

Because we are achievement oriented, we are good at sacrificing the short-term for long-term gain.

This is why we can set a goal and hit it. Even when the work is hard. Unfortunately, it leads us to put our happiness on hold. It becomes a hostage of someday.

The problem is that someday doesn’t show up on our calendars

Check out the episode to learn more about how it happens — and all the varieties it comes in — as well as what you can do about it.

Show Notes

Negative Happiness – When we condition our enjoyment on completing a task or resolving a problem, we essentially refuse to be joyful until the issue is resolved or the goal is reached. Upon achieving a goal, we often experience relief. This is not, however, genuine happiness. In addition, this emotion is transitory. In fact, this phenomenon is known as negative happiness.

It is not motivation –  When happiness is defined solely in terms of goals and outcomes, fear and worry become our key motivators. These negative feelings inhibit our creativity and optimism. On the other hand, these are the abilities we need to create solutions, establish plans, overcome obstacles, and identify new chances. Therefore, by tying our enjoyment to achieving a result, we eliminate the superpowers we need the most.

Five Strategies – There are five methods that would assist you in escaping this trap. These tactics will help you feel more at ease and certain that your aims are clear, that you’re making progress, and that you’re enjoying the journey with your loved ones. 

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