You CAN beat the clock!

I have come to realize that I have a serious problem with time. 

I’m always racing against it.

I’m trying to go fast enough that I can “beat it.”  Whatever that means.

Rick and I were traveling on a 2-day road trip and we were going to stop for coffee.  It was a little place that only had a drive thru.  There were 4 cars in line and our immediate thought was:

“We don’t have time.”

We nearly drove away.  But we decided to “risk it” and we got in line.  It took roughly 5 minutes.

5 minutes out of a 2-day road trip and we don’t have time? 


It’s time for a change. 

Have you faced this? 

Show Notes

Figure out  – There are numerous reasons why we play this impossible game of beat the clock. However, do you constantly battle with a clock that seems to be ticking madly? Are you living in a perpetual state of haste? Let’s sort this out first.

My Method – Bring your attention to the sense that you’re running out of time or need to hurry up and get things done. This awareness alone will help you to halt and choose your actions.

Share – If you, too, feel pressed for time or If you have accomplished this feat, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have any successful strategies, please share them with me at bobbi@unyielded.net

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