Car Trouble or Opportunity?

If you think about how you will encounter rude drivers when you get into your car to drive, you’re likely to miss the person who lets you merge into traffic. However, if you set your intention to notice other courteous drivers, will you notice them? On the other hand, we perceive more of what our brains are trained to perceive. So which is more prevalent in your daily life, the positive or negative? Do you think you have trained your mind well?

Show Notes

Just Five – Set yourself the challenge of noticing five good things daily. It is about training your brain to see the positive and the good.

Train the Brain – When you focus on seeing positive things, your brain will begin searching for those things. Then you will observe significantly more than five.

Set a Goal – Even though you are generally optimistic, you should set this as a daily goal if you do not want to miss out on the good around you.

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