What is Good and What is Bad?

My 89-year old father LOVES going for drives with me.  This is a picture of our favorite lunch spot:  the Kankakee River that we both grew up on. 

We watch the geese and the gulls, and he tells me stories of his boyhood adventures on this water. 

As we drive home, he often falls asleep. 

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  


It depends on our framing.  Is there a gift somewhere inside of it?

I shared this story with someone, and she said, “Oh my gosh, how rude that he fell asleep on you.”  I’m not saying she’s wrong; that might be right for her.

That’s the “it’s a bad thing” framing.

If you want to, though, you can frame it as a good thing:  He loves it that much and it brings him that much peace and contentment and he’s that comfortable that he drifts off to sleep. 

I choose to believe the latter.  And because I believe that, it is true for me.  I know that right now I cherish that time with him and those drives.  And, I will forever.  I am grateful for that time. 

How do you frame the things that happen throughout your day?

Tryout the “maybe” answer and see how it might change things for you.  It might help you discover new possibilities.

Show Notes

Look Into You – To begin, don’t rush past the feeling; instead, tune in to it. Take some time to get to know the real you!

Appreciate – If you permit yourself to savor the little pleasures of life, you’ll find that there are many moments worth remembering!

Maybe – It is not always a plus or minus in your life. Sometimes, you’ll see that ‘maybe’ is the correct response. Who are we to judge right from wrong?

Power of Perspective – Recognize the power of perspective. You have a choice to define things as you believe.

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