Learning to cherish what I have

It’s amazing how we don’t always truly cherish – not just appreciate – what we have.

Two years into my illness, having spent most of those days in bed, I had gained weight and lost a lot of strength.  This was difficult for me.  I was accustomed to being a nice size 4 (never mind that I essentially had to starve myself to maintain that!).  One day while at my doctor’s I was complaining to her that I had gained weight and how much I hated that and how my body had really let me down.  She allowed me to rant and then she paused, looked me squarely in the eyes, and said, “Have you ever once considered being grateful to your body for doing what it had to do in order to keep you alive?  That’s  a miracle because with what your body went through, you should no longer be here.”

What an amazing way to look at ourselves and our bodies.  Not as something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of or critical of, but as something to be grateful for.  Beyond that, our bodies and ourselves are something to be cared for.  What do I need to feel strong?  To feel healthy?  To be fit?  To be happy?  To feel joy?

I’m still working to fill in more of those answers.  What are your answers?