When receiving is also giving

The great thing about being a podcaster and interviewing people is that you get to learn things that you didn’t even know that you needed to learn. 

The interview with Judy Corkery was one of those times.  In the interview, Judy mentioned that when you are going through a hard time and someone wants to do something for you, let them.  Because by letting them help you, you are also helping them.  That really caught my attention as I had never thought of it that way before. 

When we had to evacuate our home because of the East Troublesome fire, we had an outpouring of support.  People wanted to do something to help.  One person who reached out was a friend of mine and she said, “I’m bringing you groceries because I can’t just sit here.  It hurts too much, so I’m going to do something to help.”  Before the interview with Judy, I may have discouraged her from doing that because I wouldn’t have wanted to be a bother.  Because of Judy’s advice, I instead said, “That would be so nice and helpful.  Thank you.”  When my friend showed up with bags of groceries from Whole Foods, she said, “Thank you for letting me help.  I feel just a little bit better about this disaster.”  So, thank you, Judy, for the very wise – and timely – advice. 

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