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The UnYielded Blog is dedicated to bringing hope, knowledge and assurance that people can be more successful and more fulfilled if they choose. It’s what I’ve done for the past 20+ years in my career, it’s who I strive to be in my personal life and it’s what I believe I was called to do.

Posts fall into these major themes:

Awareness – own accurate awareness of who we are and who we want to become

Habits and Practices – how we put our values into action

Just Start – finding the courage to risk failure, make a mistake, or push a comfort zone

Mindsets – what we believe to be true and to be possible about ourselves and others

New Paths – seeking new paths; responding at a crossroads; resilience when a challenge forces us off our current path

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges – often great teachers, they also reveal a better version of ourselves.

You at Your Core – Knowing who we are, absent the shoulds that creep up on us and limit our potential. Coaching – Learning how to learn and how to help others learn

We have tremendous innate wisdom if we have the courage to listen to it
We know when something isn’t quite right and we know when things are right. Trust yourself. That’s when the adventure begins.
What to Expect When You Climb Your Mountain
I’ll never forget the first time I cycled to the top of Vail Pass. I did it to ironically celebrate the 10 year anniversary of being told by a doctor that I only had a 3% chance of a full recovery and that my days of being an athlete were over. As I slowly made my way to the summit, other cyclists were at the top cheering me on. When I reached the top, they celebrated with me and offered their congratulations. Here’s something that I learned that day
Most People Don’t Reflect on Their Experiences Because It Feels Too Dangerous
When we skip reflecting on our experiences, we are missing out on a potent tool. Most people don’t want to take this step as it feels too dangerous. This week’s guest, Dr. Edward Smink, discusses this and other insights related to compassion resilience. Tune in to learn how to stay fueled for life.
Is This All There Is to Our Lives?
People often ask me why Rick and I decided to start our business and change up our lives. We had different reasons. I decided to start my business because even though I loved the law firm where I worked and I was well-respected and enjoyed my co-workers, I just got to a point where I had done everything that I could do in the role, and I wanted new challenges and an opportunity to push myself. Rick’s reason was different.
When You Have You, You Have Everything
Iseluleko Ma’at El 0 is an Emmy Award winning actor, Inspirational Speaker and Men’s Self-Mastery Coach. He has appeared on hundreds of tv shows, film, commercials, and radio such as Lucifer, Bad Boys 2, Criminal Minds, General Hospital and many others. He followed his intuition and walked away from Hollywood at the height of his career because in his words, he “didn’t have ahold of me.” Since then he has shared the stage with thought leaders like Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols and Jim Kwik, where he spreads his message that “When you have you, you have everything.” Tune into this insightful episode.
The 7 ways you might be stuck
I have been guesting on a lot of other podcasts recently and I’ve noticed that I always get a lot of questions around why do people get stuck, what are the different “forms of being stuck” and, of course, how do you get unstuck? That’s way too much to cover in one episode so I’ll address them over time, but today I thought I’d jump into the question of what are the different forms of being stuck. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, but here are 7 forms of being stuck – some of them might surprise you.
Listen when your heart tells you to get involved
We want to do something to help and to make a difference. We often hold ourselves back. This week’s guest, Rebekah Miel, is committed to the goal of making beautiful sense out of a complex world.
Is It Serendipity or the Invisible Power of Intention?
As I write this my dad is back in the hospital. He had COVID and pneumonia and he’s over the COVID, but the pneumonia is lingering. My dad is 89 and if you know me or if you’ve listened to several episodes, you probably know that I am a daddy’s girl. Always have been. I’m named after him. I’ve always loved being named after him and it was one of the reasons that I kept my maiden name when I got married.
Sharlene Renee Reber-Clark
Is It Time to Change the Radio Station in Your Brain?
Are you aware of the noise that’s playing in your head? Scientists have studied this and they know that what goes on in our brains holds a key to our happiness and success. My guest today has changed her life and she shares her insights into why this is so important, as well as other frameworks that she used to create her life full of peace and joy.
6 things that I learned when I became the author of my life
In August of 2000, I attended a Women’s Writing Conference in upstate New York. One of the authors said: “You are either the author of your own life or you are a character in someone else’s story.” While I had been doing a good job of leading my life up until then, that really resonated for me. I knew that I had more work to do.
You can feel peace in the midst of uncertainty
We often think that we have to wait for things to “calm down” or go “back to normal” before we can feel peace. But that’s a harmful myth; it leads us to experience more stress and be less resilient. Dan Clouser, author of 3 books and popular speaker, shares his story in this episode.
What I learned about myself during a massive forest fire
We are coming up on the anniversary of the East Troublesome Fire that swept through our community on October 21, 2020. It was the 2nd largest fire in Colorado history and one of the fastest moving fires in US history. It was so fast that at its fastest it burned 90 football fields per minute. Our incident commander, who has spent his entire life battling forest fires called in a 2% fire meaning it was incredibly rare in how it burned.

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