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The UnYielded Blog is dedicated to bringing hope, knowledge and assurance that people can be more successful and more fulfilled if they choose. It’s what I’ve done for the past 20+ years in my career, it’s who I strive to be in my personal life and it’s what I believe I was called to do.

Posts fall into these major themes:

Awareness – own accurate awareness of who we are and who we want to become

Habits and Practices – how we put our values into action

Just Start – finding the courage to risk failure, make a mistake, or push a comfort zone

Mindsets – what we believe to be true and to be possible about ourselves and others

New Paths – seeking new paths; responding at a crossroads; resilience when a challenge forces us off our current path

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges – often great teachers, they also reveal a better version of ourselves.

You at Your Core – Knowing who we are, absent the shoulds that creep up on us and limit our potential. Coaching – Learning how to learn and how to help others learn

Ten years ago, I didn’t know today was possible . . .
If, in ten years, we are going to be ten years old any way, then we might as well get started — today!
The fuel for persistence
In the recent post, Biking Through the Gate, I mentioned that Rick had asked me what made me keep going,[…]
The Courage to Care for Myself
I had to learn an essential – and frightening – lesson in order to get well.  It came about eighteen[…]
Biking through the gate
When we first moved to Colorado in 2010, I was no longer sick, but I had not recovered any of[…]
Learning to cherish what I have
It’s amazing how we don’t always truly cherish – not just appreciate – what we have. Two years into my[…]
Truly Alive, Fully Awake
In February of this year, I began a new habit of working out on the bike trainer, which is down[…]
Close call that changes it all . . .
Ten years ago today, I woke up, tired.  Again.  With my usual self-recriminations I told myself to quit being such[…]

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