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The UnYielded Blog is dedicated to bringing hope, knowledge and assurance that people can be more successful and more fulfilled if they choose. It’s what I’ve done for the past 20+ years in my career, it’s who I strive to be in my personal life and it’s what I believe I was called to do.

Posts fall into these major themes:

Awareness – own accurate awareness of who we are and who we want to become

Habits and Practices – how we put our values into action

Just Start – finding the courage to risk failure, make a mistake, or push a comfort zone

Mindsets – what we believe to be true and to be possible about ourselves and others

New Paths – seeking new paths; responding at a crossroads; resilience when a challenge forces us off our current path

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges – often great teachers, they also reveal a better version of ourselves.

You at Your Core – Knowing who we are, absent the shoulds that creep up on us and limit our potential. Coaching – Learning how to learn and how to help others learn

Wisdom from the Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn
We live in a world dominated by digital and social media, and human connectedness is dwindling. As a result, personal branding is more critical than ever, so we must abandon bulk marketing and lead generation in favor of high-quality human connections. My guest today specializes in assisting company owners and influencers in developing a solid personal brand, expanding their impact, and attracting incredible possibilities. He is nicknamed “LinkedIn’s Dopamine Dealer.” Also, he has built 16 businesses over the last two decades. Moreover, he is the author of ‘Balance is Bullsh*t.’ Joshua Lee, The LinkedIn Dopamine Dealer, founder, and CEO of StandOut Authority, joins today’s episode to share his wisdom m and experience accumulated over the years.
How to Ask Better Questions (and See More Possibilities)
It is remarkable how the questions we ask ourselves may alter the answer and outcome. Also, one of the widely repeated axioms is that the quality of your life is decided by the quality of the questions you ask. Some questions confine us to a yes or no response. However, certain ones create fresh opportunities and possibilities. On the other hand, the questions we ask ourselves are critical since they concentrate our attention. Therefore, it is time to consider how the questions sound and where they lead you.
What nice thing did you do today for someone else?
The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and lifestyles have shifted dramatically due to tremendous technological advancements. Also, having everything at one’s fingertips has profoundly affected human relationships. My guest for today’s episode is an eminent entrepreneur and novelist. He has four children and six grandkids, and as a baby boomer, he is trying to grasp how the world has changed since he was three years old. He has published two books: The Secrets of Retailing: How to Beat Wal-Mart, which drew Ariana Huffington’s attention and led to him publishing nearly 100 articles for the Huffington Post, and I Don’t Want to Turn Three, written from the perspective of a toddler. Gramps Jeffrey joins today’s episode to offer his wisdom and experience in inspiring grandparents to become more involved in their grandchildren’s lives.
You Don’t Have to Change – Test First
Having to change may make us feel like giving up something pleasurable or relinquishing something familiar and comfy. Perhaps we are unsure of our genuine desire for change. Maybe we are uncertain whether the change is worthwhile. This list might be endless. However, such factors can contribute to the complexity of a transition. Hence we are all aware that a change may be a challenging process. Also, the majority of us have almost certainly witnessed it firsthand. Nevertheless, there is an approach that simplifies the process of transition.
It’s Never Too Late to Hit the Reset Button
At some time in our lives, we all make mistakes. However, there is always a way to restart. We are never too late to begin again. Today, my guest is an outstanding individual who rebuilt and recreated his life following a catastrophic event in his life. After being sentenced to two years in federal prison and hitting rock bottom, he has spent the last three years rehabilitating himself via gratitude practice, journaling, and meditation. He is currently a reinvention architect and mindset coach, as well as a TEDx/Keynote speaker and the best-selling author of “Blank Canvas: How I Reinvented My Life After Prison.” This fantastic personality, Craig Stanland, joins us on today’s episode to discuss his thoughts and experiences with breaking free from the status quo and living life on autopilot. Additionally, he explores how to develop a deeper connection with ourselves to re-architect the second half of our lives with joy, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
Internal Conflict: Are You Defending or Learning?
There is no external rivalry when there is no internal conflict. There is a great deal to unpack in that single, simple, yet meaningful phrase. You can learn tens of thousands of things from others when you have that mindset. Mainly, you need to be aware of three factors regarding this sort of competition. 
Discomfort Means You’re on the Right Track
My guest today is someone who questions her so-called destiny. On the other hand, she is an internationally recognized business growth expert, social impact investor, and serial entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire potential. She developed a portfolio of purpose-driven businesses with her own money and now invests in and produces mission-driven start-ups. Throughout her more than 25-year career, she has founded, owned, sold, renamed, and turned around more than 40 businesses.
The Novice Mindset Could Create Your Next Breakthrough
Although we desire to try a range of activities and skills, we tend to avoid most of them because we are afraid of failing or not being competent at them right away. However, we must embrace our status as newcomers to a new activity as we cannot progress until we act. The belief of being a master at a completely new activity before you begin will prevent you from moving forward. Also, it will suffocate any enjoyment you could have derived from the process. Even worse, it will prevent you from learning and growing and from experiencing the breakthroughs you desire in life. Yet, there are three key elements to consider to avoid this snare.
Are You Living Your Life or Your Story?
Numerous definitions exist for what a legendary life is. My guest for today is someone who takes individuals through creating and living a legendary life. Following his release from prison as a young man, he worked at some of the world’s most fantastic financial consulting organizations, achieving corporate renown and financial success. He finally advanced to the position of Senior Partner, International Practice Leader, and Board Member. Yet, while he appeared successful outside, he was collapsing on the inside. He came dangerously close to losing everything in his unwavering pursuit of financial and business success. Then he took bold steps to improve his life and pursue his true calling. However, currently, he is a keynote speaker, author, and premier business, career, and mindset coach. Tommy Breedlove, Founder of the Legendary Movement and Bestselling Author of “Legendary,” joins today’s episode to share his experience and knowledge in living a legendary life.
Does Impatience Drag You Down?
Undoubtedly, many factors contribute to our impatience with ourselves and our inability to make the progress we desire. However, there are two primary traps into which people frequently fall. The first pitfall we fall into is comparing ourselves to those who are simply further along in their journey than we are. The second tap is that we always want to harvest as quickly as possible. However, there are ways to avoid falling into those traps.
Power of Seeing Genius, Worth and Potential in Others
Leaders are individuals who acknowledge and overcome their fear because they are connected to something bigger than themselves. There is always something more important than their apprehension. Furthermore, it is vital to recognize that fear is a natural human feeling. Today’s guest has made appearances on this show. We previously covered leadership, cultures, and speaking up, and he emphasized how the challenges we endure as children and young adults shape our adult abilities. He believes that our fears can act as entry points to our mission. He appreciates supporting others in expressing their emotions and ideas to be heard and assisting them in helping others. Stephen Shedletsky, speaker, executive coach, and advisor, returns on this episode to share his expertise and explore how he helps leaders in listening to and nurturing the voice of others. Also, we talk about how we overcame our speech challenges and public speaking anxieties throughout the podcast.
Dont Stop One Answer Short
Frequently in life, we tend to get stuck on a particular response to a question and then defend that answer. Moreover, the underlying reason for this is the belief that we cannot change something. Also, on the other hand, we must clearly distinguish whether the solution we are considering expands our possibilities or closes them down. If it is blocking off the opportunities, we must seek a different response or, at the very least, challenge the current one.

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