The dark side of clutter: how it keeps us from being our best

It seems harmless enough, right? Just a little clutter. But this week’s guest, TEDx Speaker and Certified Productive Environment Specialist™, Kerry Thomas, discusses how clutter is anything that keeps us from navigating your life with ease. Some of those ways might surprise you! Tune in to learn the different types of clutter and how to eliminate them.

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The 1 skill that will enhance your relationships

If you want to have better relationships with those around you, here is a skill that will help you do that. The best way to see its value is through this experience: Late one night, I received an email from a stranger who said: “I’ve been to your website. I’ve seen your picture, so I know what you look like. I could approach you on the street and you wouldn’t know that it’s me.”

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How to Create a Wanted Poster for Your Inner Saboteurs So You Can Stop the Damage They Wreak in Tour Life

Back when I was a freshman in high school, there was a local scare. There were 6 convicts who somehow escaped from a nearby facility. They were all serving multiple life sentences; they were armed and were considered very dangerous. We lived in a very rural area. A couple of days into the search from the escapees, the local sheriff stopped by our farm.

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When our repeated patterns turn against us, they limit our future

Do you want to know the one thing scarier than being told by your doctor that you only have a 3% chance of a full recovery?

Being told by a doctor that the very pattern, the very strength that you have always considered your super-power is what made you sick.

It went from being my trusted friend to my fiercest enemy and it is working against me.

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Pause to Build Personal Power

Emotions are a part of who we are. If we understand our emotions and the information they provide, we can develop the most effective strategies for any situation. My guest today fosters and encourages others to pursue personal empowerment and a more serene and purposeful existence. Paige Dest, an emotional intelligence coach and founder of BYODestiny, joins us today to help us better understand and regulate our emotions to make more informed life and career decisions.

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