5 Proven Ways to Improve Sales Reps’ Comfort With Virtual Selling

Published by Training Industry Magazine

October 2, 2020

Mike, a regional salesperson, had always sold face to face. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, he was forced to sell over the phone. Understandably, this shift caused some discomfort, because it felt like a big change. As his coach asked Mike how his sales interactions were going, it occurred to her that he was actually doing a great job of selling over the phone; he was using many of the same skills he had used in the past. The difference was that he didn’t like it as much as in-person selling, and he was less comfortable.

After listening for a while, the coach said, “Mike, it sounds like you are being very successful with selling over the phone, but it just isn’t as comfortable for you. Is that a fair statement?”

He paused for a long moment and then said, “Yes. I guess it is. And, it’s a good distinction: Am I comfortable versus am I effective?” Read more at trainingindustry.com

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