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You’ve Built Your Mental Fitness Foundation – Now Use it and GROW!

In addition to the content and communities you already have in the PQ app, the Grow program adds the following features and content to continue building your Sage, Saboteur Interceptor, and Self-Command and to apply your PQ skills to your life and work:

New Focus of Days, Coach Challenges, and Reflections

New Option to either skip or add weekend content to be truly self-paced

New Ability to change your current Focus of the Day (from previous ones)

New Ability to customize your Grow experience by selecting Themes

New content modules

Stress Management, Conflict Management & Energy/Impact Optimization, Leadership, Self-Actualization, Resilience, Persuasion in Leadership, PQ-Powered Parenting, Productivity, Wellness

Price: $99 monthly


$500 for 6 months (1 month free)

Price: $ 500.00
Access to PQ app with new features and content to support growth of mental muscles and application of mental fitness to important areas of life and work.
$ 0.00
Total price for the program

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You have the power within yourself to make anything possible, you must diminish the doubt and ignite the self belief.

Leon Brown – (Author of All Are Welcome)

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