How to Ask Better Questions (and See More Possibilities)

It is remarkable how the questions we ask ourselves may alter the answer and outcome. Also, one of the widely repeated axioms is that the quality of your life is decided by the quality of the questions you ask. Some questions confine us to a yes or no response. However, certain ones create fresh opportunities and possibilities. On the other hand, the questions we ask ourselves are critical since they concentrate our attention. Therefore, it is time to consider how the questions sound and where they lead you.

Show Notes

Avoid These – Never ask questions that make you feel helpless or victimized. Never pose a question that conveys the impression that the situation is permanent or irreversible. Avoid questions that make it appear as though it pervades your entire life.

Why No – By framing events as permanent, personal, or ubiquitous, we impose a negative perspective on them. When we do so, we shut down, get more stressed, and our capacity for creative thinking declines.

Simple Exercise – Take note of the questions you ask yourself. Are they creating new opportunities and choices? Are they going to shut them down? If they’re shutting down operations, consider how you might alter them so that you’re asking yourself more powerful and empowering questions.

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