How can I take back my life?

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July 29, 2022

The day is busy. You have targets to hit. Your team needs you: one of them is struggling to hit their goals, another one is dealing with a personal issue, and one just gave notice.

It’s natural that the stress builds up and begins to deplete your batteries.

The end of the day comes around and instead of going out with your friends or on a date with your spouse or checking out that new movie you’ve been wanting to see, you go home.

To your couch.

You zone out while you binge-watch something on Netflix.  You simply are out of energy. To do anything else seems like too big of a mountain to climb right now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you are not alone. Over the years, hundreds of sales managers have said to me that they absolutely LOVE their jobs — they love the challenge, the achievement, getting to support others in their growth — but they wish that the job didn’t have to steal so much of their lives.

I understand it and I get it. I always wanted to be able to help them more with this.

Now I can.

There IS a way to get your life back. But it almost certainly isn’t what you think.

It’s called Mental Fitness. And I specifically studied it and became a Mental Fitness coach to help sales managers reclaim their lives.

To best explain this, let me use an analogy: physical fitness. When I first started cycling, I was in kind of mediocre shape. If the road was relatively flat, I did okay. But what happened when I moved to Colorado and started cycling in the Rockies and had the lofty goal of climbing mountain passes on my bike? I quickly learned that my level of physical fitness wasn’t nearly up to the challenge. (Okay, that wasn’t hard to discover as I was gasping for air and my legs felt like jelly.)

The exact same thing happens with our mental fitness. When things are relatively calm or within our wheelhouse, we are fine. We can handle what comes our way. But, as the mountain grows – new challenges, more changes, the market changes, etc. – our current level of mental fitness proves to be inadequate. Things that we use to be to handle with ease now take a bigger toll on us.

Until we find ourselves sitting on the couch, night after night, thinking: What happened to me?

If this is resonating for you, PLEASE know and believe that there is a way forward. In early June, we launched our first 2 cohorts of the Sales Manager’s Mental Edge. After 3 short weeks, our clients are recovering from challenges and stress faster and they feel like they are taking back their lives – without sacrificing their work performance.

If you are interested in learning more, we are hosting a free digital event on July 20th called: The Sales Manager’s Mental Edge: Take back your life without sacrificing your success.

Message me if you’d like to know the details.

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