My Dreams Deserve the Chance of a Yes

“100% of the shots that you don’t take, don’t go in.” Wayne Gretzky

Back in 2002, I was at a conference where they announced that Entrepreneur Press was putting together a book called Masters of Success.  They were looking for a variety of stories some of which would be about people overcoming obstacles.  I thought about my speech problems and how I’d overcome them and I thought “I am going to submit my story.” 

I sat down to write my story and then the little doubt demons showed up: Who am I to write this story?  Who cares about my story?  What if they don’t like my story?  What if they don’t choose my story?  (And that’s the short list!) 

Three months later, I still hadn’t written my story.   On a Monday morning, I received an e-mail announcing that that coming Friday was the cut-off for submissions.  Again, I heard the voice of doubt: “What if they say no?” 

Then, I heard the voice of unflinching reason: “They might say no.  But they sure can’t say yes unless you have the courage to try.”  I sat down, wrote the story and e-mailed it off.  Within a few hours, I received the notification that I was included in the book.  I decided then that maybe I couldn’t make others say yes to my dreams and aspirations, but I didn’t have to be the one to say no to them.