Mental Fitness Live Event Replay

Get Link to the Recording of live event held July 20, 2022.

Let’s get real. For sales managers, work-life balance is like a unicorn.

  • There IS a way to outperform without the burnout.
  • There IS a way to get your life back without sacrificing your success.
  • You CAN break free from the false promise of balance.
  • You CAN recapture your energy and excitement for life without giving up success at work.

You will learn how to

  • Bounce back faster from stress, change, and setbacks
  • Support your team without allowing their stress to derail your work or personal life
  • Get the best out of yourself at work – but then leave it at work instead of bringing it home
  • Get X-ray vision on your patterns that are keeping you from the next level
  • Have success and happiness in both life and work

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You have the power within yourself to make anything possible, you must diminish the doubt and ignite the self belief.

Leon Brown – (Author of All Are Welcome)

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