Your 2022 Voyage

Writing and discussing your plans and actions are paramount to leading your 2022 Voyage into the reality you want. In Episode 86: Insights for Thriving on Your 2022 Journey, on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Bobbi provided some of the best ideas from 2021 from the podcast that will contribute to your voyage.

We want to hear what resonated for you and what plans you have, so we started discussions on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Follow the links below to those discussions, and let us know what insights you’ve had and what actions you will take to lead your 2022 Voyage.

LinkedIn conversation:

UnYielded Thriving No Matter What on Facebook

If you have not listened to Episode 86: Insights for Thriving on Your 2022 Journey, check the episode 86 post here for the summary of ideas and to listen if you wish. It is about 20 minutes long and contains some of the best ideas from the UnYielded Show in 2021 that will help you make your 2022 Journey the best it can be.

Specific insights and techniques for

  • Creating margin in your life
  • Developing new insight and creativity
  • Finding more purpose and meaning in life and work
  • Managing the Inner Critic
  • Creating confidence, courage, and resilience

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