Plateau or Flow?

In today’s episode, we have a fun and insightful conversation with two guests, Bret Nelson and John Cerqueira. In two of our previous episodes, we had amazing conversations with both these guests, and today we’re talking about the concept of plateaus.  Throughout the episode, we talk about what it means to be stuck in plateaus, identifying whether we’re on a plateau and some of the things we can do to move on from a plateau. 

Show Notes

Understanding Plateaus  – Throughout our life journey, we might encounter different levels of life; in other words, valleys, peaks, and plateaus. And each of these may mean something different for each of us. We talk about what being stuck on a plateau may feel like.

Evaluating Ourselves – In order to move on beyond a plateau, we need to realize that we are on a plateau. Our guests share their thoughts on how to evaluate our lives and identify whether we’re at a plateau.

People and Relationships – The people we surround ourselves with and people who are closest to us can influence us heavily. We talk about how to manage communications, information, and relationships in a way that helps us move on from our plateaus.

Resting – Sometimes, when we’re trying to move from one phase of our lives to another, we might need some rest between those phases. And taking these rests does not necessarily mean we’re stuck on a plateau. Our guests share their thoughts on distinguishing the difference between the two concepts. 

Contact John Cerqueira

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/john-cerqueira-5a22963/

Contact Bret Nelson

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/bretjnelson
Website: bretjnelson.com

Mentioned in the episode

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon:

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