Are You Living Your Life or Your Story?

My guest today knows what it’s like to be living the picture of success but feeling like he was collapsing on the inside. That realization led him to make massive changes in his life and now he helps others do the same. Tommy Breedlove is the Founder of the Legendary Movement and Bestselling Author of “Legendary.”

Show Notes


Connect with Tommy:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/legendarybook/

Email: tommy@tommybreedlove.com

Website: tommybreedlove.com

Mentioned in the episode:

Legendary: A simple playbook for building and living a legendary life and being remembered as a legend: goodreads.com/book/show/50621936-legendary?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=4C768vQ6mA&rank=1

Bobbi’s Takeaways

Here are my 3 insights for thriving:

  1. Do you want to live your life or live your story?  You don’t have to continue to live the story that you’ve told yourself or that others have tried to write for you. 
  2. To be legendary we need to lead ourselves, respect ourselves and love ourselves.  We need to be able to do that not just for ourselves but for those around us because we can’t fully give those things to others if we can’t give those things to ourselves
  3. Remove the energy vampires.  I loved how Tommy said it with his network and I’ve heard people talk about it this way about projects as well, but it’s either a hell yes or it’s a no.

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