Next-Level Resilience Live Event Replay

Get Link to the Recording of live event held September 22, 2022.

If you’re a Sales Manager balancing peak performance and showing up as the best version of yourself in the other important roles in your life…

I’ll be sharing the secrets to high performance, without having to sacrifice your personal life on September 22nd at 3:00 pm ET.

Here’s a taste of what we’ll cover:

Key strategies to performing like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, and Roger Federer – when the game is on the line.

The only three factors that make up the core of your resilience

The 10 saboteurs you’re not aware of – that are preventing you from achieving peak performance

The single biggest Sales Manager saboteur you need to be aware of to keep your edge

The one thing that is preventing you from being happy and keeps you in a state of hyper-stress

The 9 Accomplice saboteurs that keep you in a negative or stressed state

A key strategy for creating a “wanted” picture for your inner saboteurs – so you can recognize and intercept them fast, before they do their damage

A ten second exercise to switch from self-sabotage mode to resilient mode

The real reason you’re unhappy by constantly “moving the goalpost on yourself”

Examples of establishing mental habits that can increase your energy, productivity, and creativity

How to intercept and break negative thinking patterns – so you can spend more time in flow

Key strategies for the ability to act and have stronger resilience to stressful events and circumstances

The life changing secret to achieving peak performance, without the burnout

The secret strategy to beating all 10 of your inner saboteurs

The simple 4 steps to the peak mental operating system

And much much more…

If you’re a high-performing sales manager and that sounds like something up your alley…

Listen to this recorded event…

And I look forward to helping you take your performance to the next level and get your life back at the same time.

All the best to you,

Bobbi Kahler

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You have the power within yourself to make anything possible, you must diminish the doubt and ignite the self belief.

Leon Brown – (Author of All Are Welcome)

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