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Are Your Values Showing Up On Your Calendar?
Many of us have been taught to look for flaws. Instead, it is time to start noticing the great things that occur in our lives, even on a tiny scale, and realize how grateful we ought to be. Conversely, practicing gratitude and discovering the ideal criteria for measuring success can completely transform our life. My guest today is someone who integrates social and emotional intelligence into all aspects of her life. She serves as the executive director at the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence. She is also a coach for social and emotional intelligence. Amy Sargent-Kossoff joins this episode to discuss her extraordinary knowledge and expertise in rethinking and rewriting life stories with emotional intelligence.
When Interpretation Becomes a Limiting Lie
Are there any things you won’t even attempt because you believe you will fail or be unable to master them? Avoiding such tasks is quite acceptable; if you do not wish to do them. But if there is something you genuinely want to do, regardless of the chances, you can achieve it if you make an effort to learn and practice it. Generally, when we accept a limitation, we likely shortchange ourselves; nonetheless, life is too short and beautiful to have a limitation.
Be the Buffalo
Change is inevitable. As a leader, it is essential to lead the transition to improve the team’s performance. Notably, there are numerous organizational change implementation methodologies and critical considerations that one must be aware of to perform this task properly. My guest for today is a specialist in this subject. He is a dynamic, creative, and results-driven sales leader with expertise in building high-performing teams by training and mentoring sales managers and representatives. In addition, he has experience implementing projects for cross-functional change management to drive organizational excellence. Michael Gagnon, Senior Enterprise Manager, Remote Support Sales at GoT, joins today’s conversation to share his experience and knowledge on effectively implementing change as a leader while driving the team and the organization to success.
I’ll Be Happy When
We, including most top achievers, tend to motivate ourselves by withholding praise until we achieve our objectives. We erroneously believe that this is inspiring, or we fear that if we are not critical of ourselves, we will grow complacent and regress. But the issue is that we are hindering our performance. On the other side, we are goal-oriented and skilled at sacrificing the immediate for the future. This is why we may set objectives and attain them despite the difficulty of the work. Nonetheless, it forces us to postpone our joy; our happiness becomes a hostage of someday, which does not materialize on our calendars.
End of the World in 2 Hours!
The saboteurs are the voices in your head that cause stress and negative emotions in response to your life’s difficulties. According to the research of Shirzad Chamine, we all have what he terms inner saboteurs. Moreover, it also incorporates neuroscience, performance science, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. Also, more than half a million people have already benefited from this effort. 
Lift the Veil on Your Saboteurs
The saboteurs are the voices in your head that cause stress and negative emotions in response to your life’s difficulties. According to the research of Shirzad Chamine, we all have what he terms inner saboteurs. Moreover, it also incorporates neuroscience, performance science, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. Also, more than half a million people have already benefited from this effort.
Pause to Build Personal Power
Emotions are a part of who we are. Nothing we do is without an emotional component. If we understand our emotions and the information they provide, we can develop the most effective strategies for any situation. On the other hand, this is what we can call emotional intelligence. My guest for today fosters and encourages others to pursue personal empowerment and a more serene and purposeful existence. She enhances personal authenticity by revealing fundamental values and developing social and emotional intelligence. As she values adult and adolescent emotional management, she has committed herself to increase social and emotional learning awareness. Paige Dest, an emotional intelligence coach and founder of BYODestiny, joins us today to educate us to better understand and regulate our emotions to make more informed life and career decisions.
The Tetris Effect and Your Unhappiness
What we train our brains to see, we see more of. That’s the essence of the Tetris effect. In the legendary Tetris game, we’re supposed to look for patterns in order to win the game. Similarly, in life, if we unconsciously train our brains to scan for negativity, we’ll notice more of it, making us miserable. In today’s episode, Bobbi dives into how the Tetris effect can occur in our lives and how we can train our brains to be happier.
The Power of a Personal Manifesto
Nothing will change if you go to the gym and sit next to the weight bench without lifting a single weight. Your biceps will not grow stronger if you do not lift the weight. Also, they do not become stronger the first time they lift the weight. Over time, the experience of doing so makes them stronger and becomes increasingly simple. Mindst is also a muscle that we must strengthen to maintain our mental fitness. My guest today is Heather Hakes. She is a speaker, a mindset coach, and the author of Take the Leap. Her podcast, Mind Over Matter, has tens of thousands of listeners. Heather focuses on assisting others in overcoming obstacles by waking their limitless capacity to create their dream life. Throughout today’s conversation, she demonstrates how to use our mental strength to propel us forward with insightful explanations.
Do You Have the Courage to Live True to Yourself?
Each individual is bold, fearless, and audacious enough to live their life on their terms. Therefore, take action if you have the nagging suspicion that you are not living a life true to yourself. Now is not the time to wait for the right moment. The time has come because you deserve to live your life according to your terms. The task will not be easy. At times, you may lose friends or alienate those supposed to adore you. However, it is well worth the effort once you see through it and make your way through it. This is your journey. Have the courage to live true to yourself.
X-ray Vision on Self-Sabotage
Being empowered by the unpleasant experiences he had in his childhood, my guest today helps hundreds of others to uncover and overcome self-sabotage. He assists them by using proven ways to quiet their inner critics and give voice to their wise selves. Self-sabotage damages our success despite our objectives, dreams, or principles. Most of the time, we may not even recognize that our negative habits continually undercut our efforts all the time. That is why it is vital to gain the X-ray Vision of Self-Sabotage. Yannick Picard, High-Performance Coach, Mindset and Confidence Coach joins today’s episode to share his insightful thoughts to lead us to find & overcome critical obstacles that are holding us back from living a satisfying and happy life.
Bobbi Kahler
Are You Seeking True Happiness or Negative Happiness?
Most of us are compromising our current satisfaction to get more in the future. Honestly, nothing is wrong with this. It allows us to attain our goals and live our lives the way we want to live them. However, this is where we get into difficulty. That happiness is the relief we feel when we hit or achieve our aim. As we confuse relief for happiness, we seek the next happiness by attaining the next accomplishment. When that joy fades quickly, we believe we need another greater goal. The race is then restarted. When we don’t recognize that we are mistaking relief for happiness, we lose sight of what’s going on. Precisely, it is what keeps us stymied. Also, when that joy vanishes completely, we think, “Well, I’m not pleased!”
Sometimes Unlearning Makes the Difference
Some of the things we learn and habits we form throughout our lives can hold us back rather than helping us grow. In that case, it isn’t what you learn but what you unlearn that makes the difference. My guest today is an amazing person that went through lots of unlearning throughout his life. Michael Gagnon, Senior Enterprise Manager, Remote Support Sales at GoTo, joins us today to share his story and how we can improve our lives by unlearning some of the habits & practices that have been in our lives for a very long time.
Judgment: Are Your Spirals Upward or Downward?
Most of the time, events do not unfold as predicted, as uncertainty is an inescapable fact of life. Additionally, being humans, we are capable of making errors. However, it is vital that we acknowledge our mistakes. So that we may work in sage mode, truly tune into our internal wisdom, and learn from our experiences without berating ourselves or falling into a downward cycle of negativity.
Embrace the Fire
with the question “why.” Pursuing a meaningful life enables you to get clarity, stand out, and play greater. My guest for today’s episode seeks to build a world where most individuals have discovered their purpose. Through his work, he enables many others to become the finest versions of themselves through his efforts

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