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Are You Owning Your Impact?
Each of us possesses unique abilities. My guest for today’s episode believes that we all have a fundamental right to use our ability to contribute to a higher cause than ourselves, something that goes beyond economic gain. He envisions a society in which the vast majority of individuals wake up inspired, feel at ease in their surroundings, and end the day feeling gratified by the work they do. He believes that leaders will aid us in achieving this objective. Also, he mentors and supports leaders from all walks of life committed to putting their people and mission first. Stephen Shedletzky, speaker, executive coach, and advisor, joins us to share his wisdom on leadership, culture, and, more significantly, how he assists leaders in hearing and nurturing the voice of others.
Is the Wisdom of Your Experience Fully Tapped?
Most of us are not born with attributes such as patience, courage, confidence. The way we gain those attributes is via our experiences. In this episode, we dive into how our experiences shape our lives and personalities, how to harvest the valuable lessons that come with experiences, and how you can join UnYielded to be a part of an upcoming initiative that will allow people to gain clarity on the roles that truly matter in life.
Are You Listening to the Whispers of Wisdom or the Voices That Shout?
Many of us have had moments of self-doubt. Sometimes it produces good results, but most of the time, it does not. My guest for today assists people in resolving and aligning internal conflicts that impede personal and professional growth. Furthermore, she guides them through becoming aware, gaining insight, and taking positive action to thrive in work, life, and play. She helps high achievers strike a healthy balance between professional success and personal well-being, allowing them to find their flow and realize their full potential. Georgina Halabi, mindset & well-being coach, joins us today to share her insights on overcoming self-doubt and stepping into one’s greatness.
Unleash Your Ideal Self
The ideal self is a scientifically validated method for influencing behavior. Determining your perfect self might be challenging and time-consuming. Yet, it can be beneficial to approach a problem from a variety of directions. In today’s episode, let’s dive into some activities that would help you work with your ideal self. Almost certainly, not all of these will strike a chord with you. Hence today’s goal is to identify at least one which does. Also, remember, no matter what happens this week, make sure that you rise and thrive. I am here to back you up.
Will People Listen to You if They Don’t Have to?
Not everyone can push individuals to learn and grow to become more effective leaders, perform at a higher level, and build stronger teams and organizations. Today’s guest is one of the most seasoned professional speakers in the United States. He currently delivers over 90 programs per year and has worked with about 500 different client businesses. Furthermore, his career as a speaker and trainer spans over 28 years and includes more than 2,300 appearances in a46 states and 13 countries. David Rabiner, a keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, and executive coach at Rabiner Resources, joins us today to share his wisdom in leadership, team building, and peak performance, which he attained through years of experience.
Scientific Way to Avoid SMART Goal Letdowns This New Year
Greetings to the new year 2022! We have arrived at that time when everyone starts thinking about their resolutions for the coming year. However, most of us completely forget about those plans and goals with time, and they never come to fruition. On the other hand, we will aim for the same things next year. Hence let me guide you to avoid it this time and help you rise and thrive no matter what.
Insights for Thriving on Your 2022 Voyage
A ship goes through a process of cleaning after their recent journey. After that, there is a process for preparing for the next expedition. This procedure applies to our lives as well. Our next cruise will take place in 2022. Hence, this time of year is an excellent opportunity to clean up the ship for following the year. With that context in mind, here are some of the most significant insights and ideas we gleaned from this year’s previous episodes.
Excited for the New Year? If Not, Try This
The year 2021 is drawing to a close. Hence, it is a perfect time for looking back and reminiscing, as well as looking forward. I was recently asked what I’m most looking forward to in the new year. That appears to be a straightforward question. And yet, I felt compelled to consider it. Today’s episode is about what I discovered. On the other hand, what are some of your hopes for the coming year? What are you eagerly awaiting? Whatever they are, I wish you the finest year of your life in 2022. Also, I hope that you will rise and thrive no matter what.
Master Communicator’s Secrets to Getting Heard
Sales-related talents apply not only to sales-related tasks but also to every aspect of our lives. On the other hand, sales may be the highest kind of service. My guest today is the CEO and co-founder of ASLAN Training.
Your 2022 Voyage
Writing and discussing your plans and actions are paramount to leading your 2022 Voyage into the reality you want. In[…]
How to Become Bigger Than Your Fear
As human beings, we’re hardwired to have some fears about new things in our environment. However, in the modern world, our fears oftentimes keep us limited to our comfort zones and hold us back from growth, learning, and finding our purpose. In this episode, I talk about a simple model that will help you frame your fears in a healthy way and become bigger than your fear.
Level Up! Get Busy Winning or Learning Today
We will never be the same person again. Every instant, we are either moving forward or backward. My guest today believes that the past exists to teach but not live. Also, he believes that no one should ever feel as though they have no one, and being inspired by that, he works to ensure that no one ever feels alone. He is a United States Navy veteran who served on many deployments to several countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, in the early to mid-1990s. Also, he is the host of the “Time to Shine Today” podcast. This podcast provides knowledge nuggets to empower people and teams to level in business and life. Scott Ferguson, a wonderful human being, joins today’s episode to guide us to level up our health, wealth, and personal development.
Are You Fighting What Is?
If you have ever had an employer who did not seem to listen to you or who seemed to be self-centered and self-serving, you know how poisonous and annoying it can be. You may first feel irritated in such a situation and think that it should not be this way. You may believe that the boss should be a more effective leader; they should show concern, listen, and refrain from self-serving. However, our reasoning does not alter reality. So, never fight what is.
How to Avoid Solving Problems That Don’t Matter
Every day, we make thousands of decisions. However, when we make the majority of those decisions, we do not think at all. Although this automatic thinking process is not necessary every single time, there are occasions where we must make decisions manually rather than automatically. My guest today is someone who gets people to think. He teaches critical thinking to enable people to evaluate issues and problems differently. He is the CEO of Headscratchers, which trains professionals the critical thinking skills for problem-solving, decision making, leadership, and creativity. Before forming HeadScratchers, he spent 25 years leading teams that built award-winning products and services across computer and communications technologies and markets. Also, he is the author of the book, Think Smarter: Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills. Michael Kallet, an expert in the critical thinking field, joins us today to share his wisdom on critical thinking and guide us to think smarter.
Rise & Thrive – How to Spot Hidden Self Sabotage
The most beautiful thing about our lives is that we are never too late to reach our goals or become the person we want to be. If we want something new or different in our future, we can make it happen. All of it begins with the belief that it is possible. Anything is achievable if we believe in it and if we are determined and courageous enough. So muster up some bravery, and take the necessary steps to alter the present. Then, without any doubt, you can create the best version of yourself.

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