Life is full of challenge and change. But these can be our greatest opportunities. Join mental fitness coach, Bobbi Kahler, whose superpower in life is turning challenge into exciting possibilities, whether that is for herself or the more than 3000 people that she has coached. If you want to build resilience, manage stress, create healthier mindset practices and experience more happiness and well-being then tune in weekly.

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Unleash the Quiet Power of Intention (Part 2) – Andy Williams
This is part two (part 1 is here) of my interview with Andy Williams, whose super power is being intentional.[…]
Unleash the Quiet Power of Intention (Part 1) – Andy Williams
This is part 1 (part 2 is here) of a rare two-part episode because we covered so many valuable insights,[…]
5 Proven Ways to Improve Sales Reps’ Comfort With Virtual Selling
Mike, a regional salesperson, had always sold face to face. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, he was forced to sell over the phone. Understandably, this shift caused some discomfort, because it felt like a big change
6 Steps to Helping Your Team Members Overcome Fear
It is helpful to think about fear on one side of a continuum and excitement on the other. The question then becomes: How do you (or how do you help someone) move away from fear and toward excitement?
Help Your Sales Team Build Real Confidence
Published by Training Industry Magazine July 20, 2020 Many managers, even with good teams often think, “If I could just[…]
Virtual Sales Coaching: 3 Critical Steps
We all know the value of coaching. The question now is how to deliver coaching in a virtual environment. With that goal in mind, here are three steps that are critical…
Twisting and Turning toward Success
If you have ever thought to yourself, “I have the career and the success that I worked so hard for,[…]
How Our Rationalizations Keep Us Stuck
When someone is better at something than we are, we have a choice:  we can find excuses, or we can[…]
When receiving is also giving
The great thing about being a podcaster and interviewing people is that you get to learn things that you didn’t[…]
Strength from Family and Community Bonds
My guest today has one of the most beautiful spirits that I have ever encountered. She was widowed at a[…]
Hope after the East Troublesome Fire
Well, this week has been an adventure to say the least. On October 14th, a fire broke out about 20[…]
Masterclass on Personal Effectiveness – Bret Nelson
Talking with Bret Nelson today has been like taking a masterclass in personal effectiveness. He’s the director of sales excellence[…]
The Stories and WHY behind the UnYielded Podcast – Bobbi Kahler (with John Cerqueira)
Why did Bobbi create the UnYielded podcast? Bobbi Kahler tells stories of her own life that explain why she cares[…]
From Striving to Answering the Call of Music – Stanton Lanier
Stanton Lanier has navigated some crossroads and big transitions. He went from being a chemistry major to having a 15-year[…]
What to do when you feel stuck
I grew up on a creek and it fascinated me. There was one event that I always looked forward to[…]

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An entrepreneur since the age of 34, Bobbi has led workshops for thousands of people, and she has worked with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

Entrepreneur, Writer, Leader, Speaker, Life Coach, Avid Athlete, Resilient Survivor.

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Mental Fitness

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your mind sabotages your quest for peak performance and happiness. It generates all your negative emotions through self sabotage.

The problem is we may not realize we are operating in a negative mindset because we’ve lived that way for so long. The impact of continuing this way is that we may achieve success, but we won’t find lasting happiness. Our drive to solve problems and achieve holds our happiness hostage and strains the relationships we have at home and at work.

Mental Fitness is the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset instead of a negative, neutral or stressed mindset.