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Do You Have the Courage to Live True to Yourself?
Each individual is bold, fearless, and audacious enough to live their life on their terms. Therefore, take action if you have the nagging suspicion that you are not living a life true to yourself. Now is not the time to wait for the right moment. The time has come because you deserve to live your life according to your terms. The task will not be easy. At times, you may lose friends or alienate those supposed to adore you. However, it is well worth the effort once you see through it and make your way through it. This is your journey. Have the courage to live true to yourself.
X-ray Vision on Self-Sabotage
Being empowered by the unpleasant experiences he had in his childhood, my guest today helps hundreds of others to uncover and overcome self-sabotage. He assists them by using proven ways to quiet their inner critics and give voice to their wise selves. Self-sabotage damages our success despite our objectives, dreams, or principles. Most of the time, we may not even recognize that our negative habits continually undercut our efforts all the time. That is why it is vital to gain the X-ray Vision of Self-Sabotage. Yannick Picard, High-Performance Coach, Mindset and Confidence Coach joins today’s episode to share his insightful thoughts to lead us to find & overcome critical obstacles that are holding us back from living a satisfying and happy life.
Bobbi Kahler
Are You Seeking True Happiness or Negative Happiness?
Most of us are compromising our current satisfaction to get more in the future. Honestly, nothing is wrong with this. It allows us to attain our goals and live our lives the way we want to live them. However, this is where we get into difficulty. That happiness is the relief we feel when we hit or achieve our aim. As we confuse relief for happiness, we seek the next happiness by attaining the next accomplishment. When that joy fades quickly, we believe we need another greater goal. The race is then restarted. When we don’t recognize that we are mistaking relief for happiness, we lose sight of what’s going on. Precisely, it is what keeps us stymied. Also, when that joy vanishes completely, we think, “Well, I’m not pleased!”
Sometimes Unlearning Makes the Difference
Some of the things we learn and habits we form throughout our lives can hold us back rather than helping us grow. In that case, it isn’t what you learn but what you unlearn that makes the difference. My guest today is an amazing person that went through lots of unlearning throughout his life. Michael Gagnon, Senior Enterprise Manager, Remote Support Sales at GoTo, joins us today to share his story and how we can improve our lives by unlearning some of the habits & practices that have been in our lives for a very long time.
Judgment: Are Your Spirals Upward or Downward?
Most of the time, events do not unfold as predicted, as uncertainty is an inescapable fact of life. Additionally, being humans, we are capable of making errors. However, it is vital that we acknowledge our mistakes. So that we may work in sage mode, truly tune into our internal wisdom, and learn from our experiences without berating ourselves or falling into a downward cycle of negativity.
Embrace the Fire
with the question “why.” Pursuing a meaningful life enables you to get clarity, stand out, and play greater. My guest for today’s episode seeks to build a world where most individuals have discovered their purpose. Through his work, he enables many others to become the finest versions of themselves through his efforts
How Are You Building Your Tribe?
Have you ever considered who makes up your tribe? Are you aware of the people on whom you can always rely? Such people provide some solace during difficult times. Having such persons in our lives is a rare gift. Without a doubt, we all have to be grateful for their presence.
From Prison to Calling
Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Also, Life can be fraught with numerous drawbacks. However, regardless of what happens, the most critical aspect is rising again. My guest for today has a life story that is worth discussing. After developing an addiction to prescription opioids and serving nearly fourteen months in federal prison (2006–07) for a white-collar crime committed in 2001 while working as a lawyer, he began his reentry by earning a Master of Divinity in Social Ethics from New York City’s Union Theological Seminary. After graduating from divinity school, he was invited to serve as Associate Minister and Director of Prison Ministries at an inner city church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He later co-founded Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc., the world’s first ministry solely dedicated to white-collar crime. Jeff Grant, Private General Counsel/White Collar Attorney at GrantLaw, joins today’s episode to share the insights he has learned on his journey from prison to calling.
Are “Shoulds” Stealing Your Joy?
Most of us have expectations of ourselves as well as of others. When such expectation is not satisfied, we are disappointed, making life more difficult. Also, the damaging effect of the word should is considerably more significant than it appears. On the other hand, that is why it is said that disappointment is an outcome of unrealistic expectations. Being constrained by the word should is almost certainly followed by annoyance, embarrassment, agitation, anxiety, and a sense of failure. 
Wisdom from the Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn
We live in a world dominated by digital and social media, and human connectedness is dwindling. As a result, personal branding is more critical than ever, so we must abandon bulk marketing and lead generation in favor of high-quality human connections. My guest today specializes in assisting company owners and influencers in developing a solid personal brand, expanding their impact, and attracting incredible possibilities. He is nicknamed “LinkedIn’s Dopamine Dealer.” Also, he has built 16 businesses over the last two decades. Moreover, he is the author of ‘Balance is Bullsh*t.’ Joshua Lee, The LinkedIn Dopamine Dealer, founder, and CEO of StandOut Authority, joins today’s episode to share his wisdom m and experience accumulated over the years.
How to Ask Better Questions (and See More Possibilities)
It is remarkable how the questions we ask ourselves may alter the answer and outcome. Also, one of the widely repeated axioms is that the quality of your life is decided by the quality of the questions you ask. Some questions confine us to a yes or no response. However, certain ones create fresh opportunities and possibilities. On the other hand, the questions we ask ourselves are critical since they concentrate our attention. Therefore, it is time to consider how the questions sound and where they lead you.
What nice thing did you do today for someone else?
The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and lifestyles have shifted dramatically due to tremendous technological advancements. Also, having everything at one’s fingertips has profoundly affected human relationships. My guest for today’s episode is an eminent entrepreneur and novelist. He has four children and six grandkids, and as a baby boomer, he is trying to grasp how the world has changed since he was three years old. He has published two books: The Secrets of Retailing: How to Beat Wal-Mart, which drew Ariana Huffington’s attention and led to him publishing nearly 100 articles for the Huffington Post, and I Don’t Want to Turn Three, written from the perspective of a toddler. Gramps Jeffrey joins today’s episode to offer his wisdom and experience in inspiring grandparents to become more involved in their grandchildren’s lives.
You Don’t Have to Change – Test First
Having to change may make us feel like giving up something pleasurable or relinquishing something familiar and comfy. Perhaps we are unsure of our genuine desire for change. Maybe we are uncertain whether the change is worthwhile. This list might be endless. However, such factors can contribute to the complexity of a transition. Hence we are all aware that a change may be a challenging process. Also, the majority of us have almost certainly witnessed it firsthand. Nevertheless, there is an approach that simplifies the process of transition.
It’s Never Too Late to Hit the Reset Button
At some time in our lives, we all make mistakes. However, there is always a way to restart. We are never too late to begin again. Today, my guest is an outstanding individual who rebuilt and recreated his life following a catastrophic event in his life. After being sentenced to two years in federal prison and hitting rock bottom, he has spent the last three years rehabilitating himself via gratitude practice, journaling, and meditation. He is currently a reinvention architect and mindset coach, as well as a TEDx/Keynote speaker and the best-selling author of “Blank Canvas: How I Reinvented My Life After Prison.” This fantastic personality, Craig Stanland, joins us on today’s episode to discuss his thoughts and experiences with breaking free from the status quo and living life on autopilot. Additionally, he explores how to develop a deeper connection with ourselves to re-architect the second half of our lives with joy, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
Internal Conflict: Are You Defending or Learning?
There is no external rivalry when there is no internal conflict. There is a great deal to unpack in that single, simple, yet meaningful phrase. You can learn tens of thousands of things from others when you have that mindset. Mainly, you need to be aware of three factors regarding this sort of competition. 

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