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Comparison is the thief of our peak performance
Have you ever had an arch-rival? I have. Her name was Sherri. We were in the 6th grade and we battled for everything. Cheerleading Softball Volleyball Top grades I usually won. But one day it was bothering me how when I would go out for a new sport, Sherri would then decide to go out for the same sport. I was complaining to my mom about it. Then she said the following game-changing wise words:
It’s never too late to tell yourself a new story about your past
It’s never too late to tell yourself a new story about your past. The stories we tell ourselves about our past become limits on our happiness and success. They are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you once bombed in a presentation, you might tell yourself the story that you really blew it and that you are just not good at presentations.
How Much Time Does Your Mind Steal From You Everyday?
“Are you in command of your own mind?” I’m not proud of this but when I first heard that question, I thought: “What a stupid question. Of course, I’m in control of my own mind!” And, there may have been an eye roll involved in there as well. But the next question stopped me in my tracks
Is Your Brain Working for You or Against you?
Researchers have identified that for 80% of people, their brains are actually sabotaging them. On a daily basis. To help you avoid that, this is part 2 in our series on building mental fitness. Last week, in part 1, I talked about the first of the 3 core mental fitness muscles: The Saboteur Interceptor.
How to Create a Wanted Poster for Your Inner Saboteurs So You Can Stop the Damage They Wreak in Tour Life
Back when I was a freshman in high school, there was a local scare. There were 6 convicts who somehow escaped from a nearby facility. They were all serving multiple life sentences; they were armed and were considered very dangerous. We lived in a very rural area. A couple of days into the search from the escapees, the local sheriff stopped by our farm.
How mental fitness can restore our excitement for life in 3 short weeks
November 9, 2018 was a pivotal crossroads for me. It started as I stood on the balcony of my hotel in San Francisco reflecting on my journey. I clearly saw that I was successful in my career, but I felt like my life – while good – was incomplete. I felt like I was falling short in some of the important roles that mattered to me.
When our repeated patterns turn against us, they limit our future
Do you want to know the one thing scarier than being told by your doctor that you only have a 3% chance of a full recovery? Being told by a doctor that the very pattern, the very strength that you have always considered your super-power is what made you sick. It went from being my trusted friend to my fiercest enemy and it is working against me.
We are not the sum of our mistakes
Why are we so quick to set aside a proven track record of “good” behavior, and instead trust the aberration of a single misstep? Can anyone survive such a tightrope? Today I share an insight that I’ve learned in having coached more than 3000 people regarding this destructive phenomenon.
Stop Telling Your Brain That You Are Stressed
A couple of months ago, I was talking to Rick about something with my dad. Dad’s getting a little older, and, of course, I want to make sure that he’s as healthy as he can be. I caught myself saying the following: “I’m really stressed about dad.” And then I stopped myself and I thought. Wait a minute. Is that true? “I’m really stressed about dad.” And then I stopped myself and I thought. Wait a minute. Is that true?
Mental fitness for sales pros
I recently joined Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris to discuss mental fitness and its importance for all of us, especially[…]
What a Fight in the Target Parking lot Revealed About Mental Fitness
It turned into a nasty scene. It was completely unnecessary. And, it happened out of the blue. Rick and I were getting ready to back out of our parking space at a Target. That’s when we heard the commotion directly behind us. I quickly turned to see what was going on.
The Funny Thing about Luck
During a summer road trip back in 2001, Rick and I were towing a camper through Idaho, on a narrow, winding road. There was a loud pop from the rear passenger side. A blown tire on the camper! At almost the precise moment that we heard the pop – and felt the camper start to sway — a wide and long turnout appeared on our side of the road.
Thoughts are not Facts
I was recently on a flight to Orlando for a client. My first in-person workshop in more than 2 years. I wasn’t thrilled with my flight selection as I was getting in at 5:55 p.m. and that’s a bit later than I prefer. When I travel for work, I like to arrive early enough to get a workout in, grab dinner and relax and then get to bed early so that I’m rested and energized in the morning.
What is Good and What is Bad?
My 89-year old father LOVES going for drives with me. This is a picture of our favorite lunch spot: the Kankakee River that we both grew up on. We watch the geese and the gulls, and he tells me stories of his boyhood adventures on this water. As we drive home, he often falls asleep. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe It depends on our framing. 
Is Savoring a Happiness Skill?
How much of your day is filled with “tasks to be completed?” I recently realized how much that orientation had crept into my life. We are vacationing in Arkansas and one of the houses that we are renting is really decorated in a lovely way. The master bedroom, in particular, is a retreat. On Saturday morning, I was making the bed and – for some reason –

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Mental Fitness

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your mind sabotages your quest for peak performance and happiness. It generates all your negative emotions through self sabotage.

The problem is we may not realize we are operating in a negative mindset because we’ve lived that way for so long. The impact of continuing this way is that we may achieve success, but we won’t find lasting happiness. Our drive to solve problems and achieve holds our happiness hostage and strains the relationships we have at home and at work.

Mental Fitness is the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset instead of a negative, neutral or stressed mindset.