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Discomfort Means You’re on the Right Track
My guest today is someone who questions her so-called destiny. On the other hand, she is an internationally recognized business growth expert, social impact investor, and serial entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire potential. She developed a portfolio of purpose-driven businesses with her own money and now invests in and produces mission-driven start-ups. Throughout her more than 25-year career, she has founded, owned, sold, renamed, and turned around more than 40 businesses.
The Novice Mindset Could Create Your Next Breakthrough
Although we desire to try a range of activities and skills, we tend to avoid most of them because we are afraid of failing or not being competent at them right away. However, we must embrace our status as newcomers to a new activity as we cannot progress until we act. The belief of being a master at a completely new activity before you begin will prevent you from moving forward. Also, it will suffocate any enjoyment you could have derived from the process. Even worse, it will prevent you from learning and growing and from experiencing the breakthroughs you desire in life. Yet, there are three key elements to consider to avoid this snare.
Are You Living Your Life or Your Story?
Numerous definitions exist for what a legendary life is. My guest for today is someone who takes individuals through creating and living a legendary life. Following his release from prison as a young man, he worked at some of the world’s most fantastic financial consulting organizations, achieving corporate renown and financial success. He finally advanced to the position of Senior Partner, International Practice Leader, and Board Member. Yet, while he appeared successful outside, he was collapsing on the inside. He came dangerously close to losing everything in his unwavering pursuit of financial and business success. Then he took bold steps to improve his life and pursue his true calling. However, currently, he is a keynote speaker, author, and premier business, career, and mindset coach. Tommy Breedlove, Founder of the Legendary Movement and Bestselling Author of “Legendary,” joins today’s episode to share his experience and knowledge in living a legendary life.
Does Impatience Drag You Down?
Undoubtedly, many factors contribute to our impatience with ourselves and our inability to make the progress we desire. However, there are two primary traps into which people frequently fall. The first pitfall we fall into is comparing ourselves to those who are simply further along in their journey than we are. The second tap is that we always want to harvest as quickly as possible. However, there are ways to avoid falling into those traps.
Power of Seeing Genius, Worth and Potential in Others
Leaders are individuals who acknowledge and overcome their fear because they are connected to something bigger than themselves. There is always something more important than their apprehension. Furthermore, it is vital to recognize that fear is a natural human feeling. Today’s guest has made appearances on this show. We previously covered leadership, cultures, and speaking up, and he emphasized how the challenges we endure as children and young adults shape our adult abilities. He believes that our fears can act as entry points to our mission. He appreciates supporting others in expressing their emotions and ideas to be heard and assisting them in helping others. Stephen Shedletsky, speaker, executive coach, and advisor, returns on this episode to share his expertise and explore how he helps leaders in listening to and nurturing the voice of others. Also, we talk about how we overcame our speech challenges and public speaking anxieties throughout the podcast.
Dont Stop One Answer Short
Frequently in life, we tend to get stuck on a particular response to a question and then defend that answer. Moreover, the underlying reason for this is the belief that we cannot change something. Also, on the other hand, we must clearly distinguish whether the solution we are considering expands our possibilities or closes them down. If it is blocking off the opportunities, we must seek a different response or, at the very least, challenge the current one.
What Big Problem Were You Designed to Solve?
compass to help you make important life decisions, especially when faced with competing options. My guest on today’s episode assists businesses and executives in growing by incorporating purpose into their culture and processes. His mission is to help creative leaders determine how to leave a legacy and a lasting impression. However, he worked for a selected number of leaders and entrepreneurs as a Personal CFO for 25 years.
Never Quit! Another Half Truth
You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “never quit” or “never give up” a million times. However, it is only half the truth. Every so often, we pursue things relentlessly despite all available data indicating that they lead to dead-ends. At times, we overcommit to our goals, which results in negative consequences. Hence there are times that our plans should be abandoned, reset, or reframed. That is where the distinction between surrendering and letting go becomes significant.
How Are You Being A Role Model?
A role model is someone that others look up to as an example of how to conduct themselves. Everyone has the potential to be a role model. It is just that not everyone serves as a positive role model for others. That is why it is critical to consider how you intend to present yourself as a role model in your community.
Does Your Listening Show You Care?
Almost everyone believes that listening is critical in life. However, the majority of people are not naturally good listeners. On the other hand, repetition of words does not constitute listening. That does not indicate that you get the meaning, context, consequences, and the feelings and significance of the terms. To listen effectively, we must make a conscious effort to absorb, digest, and comprehend what others are saying. In a nutshell, listening is another technique of demonstrating to others that they are significant.
What You Hear from Others and Even Yourself May Not Be True
Some of the things you hear from others and even yourself may not always be true and correct. My guest for today believes that life is what you make. Learning through numerous miserable life experiences, by now, she teaches “Habits of Happiness” in various settings, including groups, clubs, church activities, corporations, and community continuing education centers. Moreover, she hosted a radio talk show called “The LemonAid Stand,”  where she featured people who have taken life’s lemons and made lemonades. Also, she is now in demand as a motivational speaker who enjoys discussing how to discover true joy, peace, and love regardless of the circumstances in life. Heidi Alldredge, an inspirational and wonderful personality, joins us on today’s episode to share her story and offer new insights that will leave you with a renewed sense of hope and optimism for life.
Choosing Optimism Will Change Your Life
The way we perceive, feel, and explain the world around us has great influence in our life journey. Optimism is a way of responding to the world around us that has many benefits, including developing better coping skills, lower stress levels, better physical health and higher persistence when pursuing goals. In this episode we explore how to make the choice of optimism and what we can do incorporate optimism into our lives.
Are You Owning Your Impact?
Each of us possesses unique abilities. My guest for today’s episode believes that we all have a fundamental right to use our ability to contribute to a higher cause than ourselves, something that goes beyond economic gain. He envisions a society in which the vast majority of individuals wake up inspired, feel at ease in their surroundings, and end the day feeling gratified by the work they do. He believes that leaders will aid us in achieving this objective. Also, he mentors and supports leaders from all walks of life committed to putting their people and mission first. Stephen Shedletzky, speaker, executive coach, and advisor, joins us to share his wisdom on leadership, culture, and, more significantly, how he assists leaders in hearing and nurturing the voice of others.
Is the Wisdom of Your Experience Fully Tapped?
Most of us are not born with attributes such as patience, courage, confidence. The way we gain those attributes is via our experiences. In this episode, we dive into how our experiences shape our lives and personalities, how to harvest the valuable lessons that come with experiences, and how you can join UnYielded to be a part of an upcoming initiative that will allow people to gain clarity on the roles that truly matter in life.
Are You Listening to the Whispers of Wisdom or the Voices That Shout?
Many of us have had moments of self-doubt. Sometimes it produces good results, but most of the time, it does not. My guest for today assists people in resolving and aligning internal conflicts that impede personal and professional growth. Furthermore, she guides them through becoming aware, gaining insight, and taking positive action to thrive in work, life, and play. She helps high achievers strike a healthy balance between professional success and personal well-being, allowing them to find their flow and realize their full potential. Georgina Halabi, mindset & well-being coach, joins us today to share her insights on overcoming self-doubt and stepping into one’s greatness.

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