Life is full of challenge and change. But these can be our greatest opportunities. Join mental fitness coach, Bobbi Kahler, whose superpower in life is turning challenge into exciting possibilities, whether that is for herself or the more than 3000 people that she has coached. If you want to build resilience, manage stress, create healthier mindset practices and experience more happiness and well-being then tune in weekly.

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Mental fitness for sales pros
I recently joined Tom Stanfill and Tab Norris to discuss mental fitness and its importance for all of us, especially[…]
What a Fight in the Target Parking lot Revealed About Mental Fitness
It turned into a nasty scene. It was completely unnecessary. And, it happened out of the blue. Rick and I were getting ready to back out of our parking space at a Target. That’s when we heard the commotion directly behind us. I quickly turned to see what was going on.
The Funny Thing about Luck
During a summer road trip back in 2001, Rick and I were towing a camper through Idaho, on a narrow, winding road. There was a loud pop from the rear passenger side. A blown tire on the camper! At almost the precise moment that we heard the pop – and felt the camper start to sway — a wide and long turnout appeared on our side of the road.
Thoughts are not Facts
I was recently on a flight to Orlando for a client. My first in-person workshop in more than 2 years. I wasn’t thrilled with my flight selection as I was getting in at 5:55 p.m. and that’s a bit later than I prefer. When I travel for work, I like to arrive early enough to get a workout in, grab dinner and relax and then get to bed early so that I’m rested and energized in the morning.
What is Good and What is Bad?
My 89-year old father LOVES going for drives with me. This is a picture of our favorite lunch spot: the Kankakee River that we both grew up on. We watch the geese and the gulls, and he tells me stories of his boyhood adventures on this water. As we drive home, he often falls asleep. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe It depends on our framing. 
Is Savoring a Happiness Skill?
How much of your day is filled with “tasks to be completed?” I recently realized how much that orientation had crept into my life. We are vacationing in Arkansas and one of the houses that we are renting is really decorated in a lovely way. The master bedroom, in particular, is a retreat. On Saturday morning, I was making the bed and – for some reason –
Are You Holding Your Happiness Hostage?
It was a painful moment when I realized that I was living with my life on hold. Did I mean for it to happen? Of course not. Was I aware of it? No. Until I had an experience that brought it to the light of day. I was booked to be a guest on a podcast and it’s what I would call a stretch interview: not completely in my wheelhouse yet but a direction I am moving in.
Car Trouble or Opportunity?
In April and May this year, we took a 3 week road trip to visit family and during our trip, our car started making noises that became increasingly louder until I literally thought the car was going to collapse on the road. We made it to my sister Kathy’s house in Illinois and she noticed the noise (as, I’m sure all of her neighbors did because it was LOUD).
You CAN beat the clock!
I have come to realize that I have a serious problem with time. I’m always racing against it. I’m trying to go fast enough that I can “beat it.” Whatever that means. Rick and I were traveling on a 2-day road trip and we were going to stop for coffee. It was a little place that only had a drive thru. There were 4 cars in line and our immediate thought was: “We don’t have time.”
The Power of Happiness Is in Your Hands
Do you ever wonder what leads some people to be happier than others? Happiness researchers have and their findings might surprise you. Is it that some people are just naturally happier than others? While everyone does have a happiness set point, what researchers have found is that our happiness set point accounts for only 50% of our happiness.
Summer Hiatus for Interviews – Returning in the Fall
We decided to take a little hiatus this summer from the interview portion of the podcast. This will be a great opportunity to prepare for the next season of UnYielded podcast with a great lineup of guests. Meanwhile, we’ll keep in touch with our Rise & Thrive episodes every Monday.
The Difference Between Anger and Action
What can a misbehaving bull teach us about anger? Plenty. Just bear with me on this. How often have you heard someone say: “I know that I shouldn’t get angry.” I think that there is a lot of confusion around that phrase. Primarily, I think we are confusing the feeling of anger – which is a legitimate data point – with the expression of anger – which is where we can get into trouble.
Are Your Values Showing Up On Your Calendar?
Many of us have been taught to look for flaws. Instead, it is time to start noticing the great things that occur in our lives, even on a tiny scale, and allow ourselves the space for more gratitude. Practicing gratitude and discovering our ideal criteria for measuring success can completely transform our life.
When Interpretation Becomes a Limiting Lie
Don’t succumb to it! Don’t believe the lie embedded in our interpretations. When we believe the lie, we accept the limitation. Here’s how it happens: A simple example is that we are learning a new technology and it’s a bit challenging. A factual statement we could say is “I’m learning a new technology and I’m not completely comfortable with it yet.”
Be the Buffalo
Change is inevitable. And it can feel like a storm. When a storm is approaching, a buffalo will run towards the storm, which actually shortens the duration that the buffalo feels the effects of the storm. Cows on the other hand, run away from the storm but the storm almost always catches them, which then prolongs how long the cow is feeling the storm.

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Mental Fitness

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your mind sabotages your quest for peak performance and happiness. It generates all your negative emotions through self sabotage.

The problem is we may not realize we are operating in a negative mindset because we’ve lived that way for so long. The impact of continuing this way is that we may achieve success, but we won’t find lasting happiness. Our drive to solve problems and achieve holds our happiness hostage and strains the relationships we have at home and at work.

Mental Fitness is the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset instead of a negative, neutral or stressed mindset.

An entrepreneur since the age of 34, Bobbi has led workshops for thousands of people, and she has worked with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.

Entrepreneur, Writer, Leader, Speaker, Life Coach, Avid Athlete, Resilient Survivor.

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