Multiplying Joy in a Growing Family – Dan and Lisa Aylward (#005)

Multiplying Joy in a Growing Family - Dan and Lisa Aylward (#005)

I first heard of Dan and Lisa Aylward’s story a few years ago, and it touched me deeply. It is a story of a remarkable journey and one of deep faith, faith in each other, and faith in God. They’ve been married now for 21 years. They have 5 kids, all still at home, and a beautiful golden retriever. Lisa is busy keeping up with the demands of the family, which includes the medical needs to the two youngest, who were adopted in 2013. Dan is on the board of directors and a founding member of Abilita, a nationwide telecommunications and consulting organization.

Show Notes


To reach Dan and Lisa Aylward, please contact Bobbi Kahler.

Bobbi's Takeaways from the Interview

  1. In challenging times, faith, prayer, and community are ways to find support and guidance.

  2. Great challenge requires enough capacity: time, energy, motivation, and money – Lisa could not work because of how much time the appointments, parenting, and household work required. Dan’s business had to be successful enough on its own.

  3. When contemplating a big change, “things will never be the same” is ok. A new venture can create joy even with great challenge. It also forces creativity, adaptation, changing your beliefs about how to do something, like parenting even if you knew how to do it before. It also gives you a new perspective that can change the way you feel about others. More compassion, empathy, connection with people who share similar challenges you have now experienced.

  4. Taking on a new challenge may reveal others you may be able to connect with because they have similar experiences.

  5. A long journey with an unknown timeframe or outcome requires faith, continual learning, and adaptation – keep making decisions and taking steps.

  6. The decision to go “all-in” can pull you through tough times. Once you’re all-in, the decision is over, and you can concentrate on what to do vs. wasting energy and whether to continue.

  7. It is sometimes easy to decide simply to contribute the most you can to the people around you. (Sounds like a value). Your contribution does not have to be grand (solving cancer) – just something you believe is worthwhile.

  8. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but to learn to dance in the rain. Not a destination but a journey. Live in and enjoy the present while preparing for the future.


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