Fulfilling a Life of Purpose: Melissa Eick (#006)

Fulfilling a Life of Purpose: Melissa Eick (#006)

Melissa Eick is the epitome of being fueled by purpose. She understands the challenges of making her dreams come true. She is the co-founder and the director of communications and development at the Dragonfly Home, a nonprofit in Oklahoma city, serving victims of human trafficking. She is an attorney, a writer, and a seasoned speaker.

Her podcast, Making Your Impact, inspires and equips you to pursue your calling and make your positive impact on the world.  In this episode, we explore the roots Melissa's calling and how the choices, twists, and turns over her life and career have led to the impact she has on the world today.

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Melissa Eick

Mentioned in this Episode

The Dragonfly Home

Upward Transitions - https://www.upwardtransitions.org/

Theresa Flores - https://www.amazon.com/Theresa-L.-Flores/e/B004I8AXT8%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share

Bobbi's Takeaways from the Interview

1. A thing you don't want to do could be an important part of your journey or purpose, even if you can't see how it contributes yet.

2. What has taken root in your mind, like the balloon that follows you around until you must do something about it? What is it that won't let go of you?

3. The time and space for silence can be the time when you hear the whispers of your calling or something that's important to you. Those whispers are really hard to hear in the busyness of life. Therefore, we have to make time for the silence.

4. When you want to learn, commit to meeting new people and serving in different ways. New steps and new people will appear. You have to give it time.

5. I loved it when Melissa said that her teenage self would be proud of her today. What would make you proud today and in 10 or 20 years.

6. Peace and ease (or comfort) are not the same thing. Peace is that feeling you have when you're doing something that you're meant to do. I absolutely loved it when Melissa shared the interpretation of the Bible verse from Colossians: let peace be the umpire of your heart. When we're making a tough decision and we get to a place where there's peace in that decision, how powerful is that?

7. Some paths and goals are clear and that's great. Others are not, and that doesn't invalidate them. Maybe they just need a little time to be fully discovered or uncovered or nurtured. Not knowing the path is not a reason to stop or not to start in the first place. Humility, curiosity and serving humbly can be a way to move forward when we don't actually know the steps.

8. Starting something involves learning along the way and often sacrifice.

9. Small steps taken continually will lead to progress and or learning, which is also progress. Don't get discouraged by how long the journey is. Revel in the fact that you're finding your way to contribute your positive influence towards something that matters to you. When you look back, you may be amazed at how far you've come.

10. The world needs you to make your impact. I loved how Melissa relentlessly followed her purpose and sometimes how her purpose followed her until she simply couldn't ignore it.


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