My Baby is Blind? Resilience after a “Suckerpunch” – Kristin Smedley (#009)

My Baby is Blind? Resilience after a “Suckerpunch” - Kristin Smedley (#009)

Kristin Smedley had the perfect life with a great job, wonderful home, nice car, and then children. But just a few months into motherhood, a doctor explained that her baby boy was blind. She believed in that moment that all the dreams she had for him and for the family were gone. Listen to her story of bouncing back from a “sucker punch,” as she calls it, and leading her kids to live inspiring lives without limits.

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Bobbi's Takeaways from the Interview

  • When we face a sucker punch, our first reaction doesn’t have to be our final reaction. 
  • Our perceptions don’t change in an instant; we have to continue to challenge them.  To me, this means that we have the form the habit of doing this so that it can become automatic.
  • When stuck in fear instead of hiding from it or trying to avoid it, turn to learning your way through it. 
  • The power of role models that you can bring into your life creates a mindset of limitless possibilities.
  • When we help others through their period of darkness, doubt, or uncertainty, we are also helping ourselves as well, which to me is all about the power of serving others.
  • That re-setting your mindset is NOT a 1-time event where we get to spike the football and be done!   It is a habit that we have to cultivate.
  • If you can’t find the silver lining in your challenge – then create one. 

These are just my take-aways.  Please share your take-aways in the comments below so we can compare notes. 

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