Twisting and Turning toward Success – Chris White (#015)

Twisting and Turning toward Success - Chris White (#015)

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I have the career and the success that I worked so hard for, and that I really thought I wanted, but for some reason, I’m still not happy. What is wrong with me?” Then this episode might shed some light for you. My guest today, Chris White, is the author of the Amazon bestseller, the Six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Engineers.

He is the founder of DemoDoctor, a sales training company, dedicated to the growth and development of technical pre-sales engineers. He started his career as a computer programmer, made a mid career decision to get into sales. And after 15 successful years in sales, he launched a training business mere weeks before the COVID 19 pandemic struck in the U.S. In spite of it all, he has successfully navigated the twists and turns thus far, and willfully shares a story of perseverance, determination, and an undying belief in himself.

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Bobbi’s Takeaways

  1. Detours are a normal part of the journey. We don't have to resist them and we don't need to judge them. They just are.

  2. Sometimes we work hard, and we achieve the success that we thought we wanted, but then we discovered that it's not making us happy after all that doesn't mean that we made a mistake. It simply means that the journey is still unfolding.

  3. I've experienced this one for myself. Life has a way of presenting lessons that we need to learn along the way. And sometimes those lessons are disguised as top as obstacles.

  4. It takes a while for our journey to fully unfold. Instead of thinking, “What's the next perfect step,” we may need to reframe that to, “What is the next step that is aligned with who I am and what my strengths and values are, and that will move me in the direction that I want to go.”

  5. Even if now isn't the right time for your dream. It doesn't mean that the dream is wrong. It may just be that the timing is wrong.

  6. The best investment that you can make is the investment that you make in yourself.

  7. The effort you put in affects the results that you get out.

  8. Sometimes you just have to put aside the fear and the discomfort and worrying about what other people might think and just have the courage to put yourself out there.

  9. To make that bold step, you have to learn how to manage what I like to call the Just Wait voice. That's the voice inside of us that comes with all sorts of reasons to just wait or what if you fail or what if you get rejected? If you want to learn more about the, Just Wait voice, you can check out episode number four, titled Just Start. Here's what I really hate about the Just Wait voice. It can sometimes keep us from living our fully authentic life. So it's important that we learn how to silence it. And I give more ideas in that episode, episode four, titled, Just Start.

These were just some of my takeaways. I hope that you found some wisdom that you can take and apply to your own journey.

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This has been the UnYielded podcast, and I believe that thriving is not a destination. It is a process, an evolution where we are continuing to expand who we are and we're allowing our stories to emerge and unfold.

I truly believe this is how we flourish and how we can direct our energy into a place of positive influence.

My life's work is to change the world for the better one life at a time. I hope that you helped me do that by sharing the word.

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