What’s on Your Wheel (Part 1) – Marc Lamson (#022)

What's on Your Wheel (Part 1) - Marc Lamson (#022)

I’ve known today’s guest for many years. He is the president of ASLAN Training and Development, where he leads the charge to bring truth to the market, that be Other-Centered makes you more effective in sales as a leader and as a person. And it’s more fulfilling. When he is not hard at work, he volunteers his time on a variety of boards, he is a devoted husband and father, and he spends as much time as he can out on the water with family and friends. His name is Marc Lamson, and I cannot wait for you to meet him.


Show Notes

Contact Marc Lamson

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/marclamson/

ASLAN Training & Development - https://www.aslantraining.com/

Mentioned in this Episode

Wheel of Life - (here is one reference) https://wheeloflife.noomii.com/

Bobbi’s Takeaways

A conversation with Marc is never dull. Here's some of my favorite takeaways from this portion of the interview.

  1. If we don't have goals, we take them from someone else or from what society tells us should be our goals. This goes to something that I have lost believed that we are either the author of our own life.

    Or we are a character in someone else's story. So choose to write your own story and your own life.

  2. I loved when Marc talked about the wheel of life and how he calibrates to see if he is staying in balance, it is so easy to lose track of our priorities.

  3. Have an open mind to discover what you want. You may have to try different things. Some things you will like some things you won't and that's okay. Cross it off the list. I mean, I guess we can't all like tomatoes.

  4. If you are on board, give it a hundred percent. This means a couple of things. One, give it a real and honest, try. And two, try it for a season or a couple of cycles. You just can't try it once and give up. I love the story about how his dad would say that if you try out for a team, then you're signing up for the season, not a lifetime, but for the season so that you can give it a real try.

  5. It's about finding that balance between never quitting and being honest with yourself about when it's not right for you. This is something that I see a lot in coaching and it trips people up. They think that since they've decided on a course of action, that they have to see it through to the bitter end, no matter what. No matter what new information comes in that could indicate the new choice could be beneficial. We're going to see it through there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a new decision when it's warranted. And I loved how Marc put it. When is the right time to quit?

  6. I found the conversation around, around Marc's regret about not buying the boat sooner to be very powerful. You don't buy the boat for the possession of it, but because of the passion and the legacy attached to it. And so that you can share it with those you love before it is too late.

  7. Luck is about being prepared so that you are ready when the opportunity shows up. What's tricky about this one is that often people don't see all the work that a person does to be ready for the opportunity. And then they sort of discount the achievement by saying, well, they were just lucky. Well, maybe, but putting the work in to be prepared tends to make us luckier.

In the next portion of the interview, we'll discuss humility, learning gratitude, and the one thing that you should never, ever cheat on when it comes to your time.

On another note, the new year is fast approaching. And as you know, that's the time when we rushed to set goals and resolute resolutions, sadly by late January, those goals and resolutions too often begin gathering dust.

So to fight the gathering dust bunnies, I'm putting together a free video guide and how we can recognize if we are falling prey to one of the biggest derailleurs of our goals. The Just-Wait Voice. I've coached well over 3000 people in my career, and I've seen this insidious little voice show up and whisper doubt in our ear just as we are about to act.

And so instead of acting on our goals, we decide to wait indefinitely. I hate that voice and I want to help combat it with what I've learned over the years. If you want to be alerted for when it's available, please visit, http://www.unyielded.net/goalkiller.

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