What’s on Your Wheel (Part 2) – Marc Lamson (#023)

What's on Your Wheel (Part 2) - Marc Lamson (#023)

This is part 2 of my interview with Marc Lamson. You can find part 1 of the interview here. I’ve known today’s guest for many years. He is the president of ASLAN Training and Development, where he leads the charge to bring truth to the market, that be Other-Centered makes you more effective in sales as a leader and as a person. And it’s more fulfilling. When he is not hard at work, he volunteers his time on a variety of boards, he is a devoted husband and father, and he spends as much time as he can out on the water with family and friends. His name is Marc Lamson, and I cannot wait for you to meet him.

Show Notes

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/marclamson/

ASLAN Training & Development - https://www.aslantraining.com/

Mentioned in this Episode

Wheel of Life - (here is one reference) https://wheeloflife.noomii.com/


Bobbi’s Takeaways - Part 2 only

Here are the takeaways from part 2 of the interview. You can find part 1 of my interview with Marc Lamson here.

  1. Be humble and be willing to learn. Sometimes that means that you have to be vulnerable and ask for help.

  2. Sometimes you put the effort in now and you may not see the reward until later. But put the effort in any way.

  3. Be fully present and pay attention to those around you. It's it can be so easy to get distracted and to be busy. And then we, we find that we're not really being fully present in those moments.

  4. It's hard to do life alone.

  5. I love this one. Sometimes just be silent and cut your pizza. I loved it when Marc said, “I wasn't there for the pizza.”

  6. Love is a verb. A beautiful illustration of that was the story about Tyra organizing the garage while he was away, which gets to Marc’s point about if you love someone and it's important to them, then it becomes important to you.

  7. Surround yourself with people who love you. People who love you will tell you the truth, not to cut you down, but as a way to lift you up, which gets to one of Marc’s favorite sayings, “Speak the truth, and speak it with love.”

  8. Never, ever cheat on the truly important things or the truly important people in your life.

I hope that you enjoyed my conversation with Marc and that you found some valuable takeaways of your own.

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