Conversation with a Life Enthusiast – Britt Skrabanek (#031)

Conversation with a Life Enthusiast - Britt Skrabanek (#031)

My guest today is, Britt Skrabanek, one of those people whose creativity comes out in many flavors. She is a fiction author who has self-published four novels, a content strategist, and a co-founder of Superneat Marketing. She’s been blogging since 2012, and last year, she launched her podcast, Love Your Enthusiasm, a podcast that helps women to pursue their greatest passion. She’s also a yogi, ballet dancer, cat-mom, and life enthusiast.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

Love Your Enthusiasm – Britt talks about her business journey and how she came to launch the podcast.

A Second Business – Running a business is something that takes a lot of time and energy from your life, and starting a second business could be extremely challenging. Britt talks about how she managed to gather her strength to get her second business off the ground.

Finding Your Tribe – While being a blogger for a very long time, Britt has built her own community of like-minded people who support each other. She talks about the value of having a tribe and how she built her tribe.

Self-awareness – Britt has a great sense of what to do with her life, even in a rough year like 2020. She talks about what drives that awareness and how her family background influenced her creativity.

Moving Forward – Britt talks about dealing with losses, the value of making intentional choices to have time to mourn and then move forward.

Being a Multi-dimensional Human – Britt is passionately involved in many things. She talks about how her blog, ballet dancing, yoga, and many other things help with her career and life.

Not Giving a Damn – Sometimes in life, we come across situations where we just have to follow our passion without caring about what other people think about us. Britt shares her thoughts on how she cultivates this practice in many things she's passionate about.

Being Authentic – Britt talks about how being authentic has become a sort of a buzzword and what it means to be truly authentic.

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Mentioned in this episode

My Interview on Britt's Podcast - Give Yourself the Grace with Bobbi Kahler:

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Britt. Here are my takeaways from the conversation.

  1. In order to be at your best, ask yourself, what do I need to find a balance, and then be intentional about including that in your daily life. For me, that's being in nature. I have to do something every day that gets me out. And in nature, that's when all is right with the world for me.

  2. Sometimes we need to sit with a loss, and then we can move on from it. But if you don't sit with it, and if you try to rush past it, you may end up with regrets.

    And we also don't get to complete the experience. And that will cheat us out of the healing that could come with it.

    Ironically, think of all the messages that we get to either chin up or buck up or move on, or be a trooper. And those are all good things at the appropriate time. But we can't rush past the authentic emotion, or we will miss the healing.

  3. If we all take the vow of sameness, we can never stand out. It's not just okay to be you. The world needs you to be you.

  4. Staying true to who you are, requires courage. And the ability to put your passion before what everyone else thinks. Courage comes from our passion.

  5. Other people won't care about your passion as much as you do. And that's okay. And moreover, if you expect them to care as much as you do, then you're setting yourself up to be disappointed.

  6. If someone doesn't love what you're doing, someone else will. There's a lot of people in the world, what you're doing and who you're being, it will resonate for someone.

  7. The bumps, the wrinkles, the bruises, and the scars come from a life that has truly been well lived.

  8. Don't be the Instagram version. Be the real you. According to Britt, it has three components that I heard.

    A strong sense of self.

    The second thing is an unwillingness to hide, And finally, care about people, not what they think of you.

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