Redeem Your Ground – Doug Scott (#032)

Redeem Your Ground - Doug Scott (#032)

My guest today has a fascinating story that involves following a call taking a leap of faith to pursue doing what he’s uniquely created to do. About eight years ago, he jumped out of a successful career in corporate America to follow his passion and become a landscape designer and a home and garden blogger. After his move from the corporate sector, he helps families make their exterior space more aligned with the way they uniquely want their home to be. Let’s dive into our fascinating interview with Doug Scott, the founder of Redeem Your Ground.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

Getting Out of Corporate America – Doug’s journey of leaving the corporate environment to launch a new company.

Finding Your Gift – Knowing what we’re gifted with can be valuable in many aspects of our lives. But sometimes, it could be somewhat obscured. Doug shares his thoughts on what you can do to discover what you’re gifted with. 

Family, Parenting, and Life Choices – Doug shares the story of how he came to a major realization about his life while spending time with his children and how it influenced him to pursue what he was uniquely created to do.

Surviving the Jump – Doing what you’re created to do might come with its own obstacles. Doug dives into how to survive and keep doing what you’re created to do once you make that leap of faith.

Moments of Doubt – How to listen and look for positive affirmations to help you get through challenging or doubtful moments.

Living Intentionally – How living intentionally could allow you to recognize, feel, and be aware of the smallest things that help you and encourage you to keep going and 

Time to Listen – When we face struggles along our path, we may not have time to stop and look at things in a more effective way. Doug shares with us the value of finding time to listen, how he found time to listen, and how it helped him make it through the struggles.

Conversations with Children – Doug shares stories of the conversations he has had with his daughters about doing what you’re created to do and the value those conversations bring into his life and his daughter’s lives.

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Mentioned in the episode

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life by Os Guinness:

From Striving to Answering the Call of Music - Stanton Lanier:

Bobbi's Takeaways

  1. Finding what your future path is or what your calling is taking work.  Hard work.  It took Doug 2 years or so to really be intentional and thoughtful about what this could look like for him and his family. 

  2. You need to do what you are called to do or what you are gifted at.  I loved when he made the distinction between natural gifts and learned skills – those things that we have learned over time and what we have developed in order to fill gaps.  You can be good at filling gaps, but that doesn’t mean that it makes you come alive or makes your heart sing.

  3. What brings life to others, might not bring life to you.  And vice versa.  This is why it is so important that we do this work, this thinking for ourselves.

  4. Who are you wonderfully, beautifully, and uniquely created to be?  I thought that that was such a beautiful prayer for another human being.   (Audio highlight)  Also – could do a quote card with the question.

  5. Reinvention is not a selfish act.  It is giving to you, AND it is also giving to those around you.  And, for our children, is there anything more powerful than what we model for them. 

  6. When something feels foreign to us it can make us feel uncomfortable.  Being uncomfortable isn’t bad – it just feels different.  We don’t want to mistake that discomfort for being something that we need to correct. Sometimes it is just uncomfortable – not bad. 

  7. When you seek to live your true story, you inspire others.  Living your story gives life not just to you, but to those around you. 

  8. Pay attention to the small external affirmations that come our way from those that we have served and affected.  It helps us through those moments of doubt and they encourage us forward.

  9. If you do what you are called to do, not only will you bring life to yourself by doing what you are made to do, but you are also bringing life to someone else.

  10.  It’s hard to hear your calling if you don’t have the margin or the time to hear it.  Many of us live at the red line and I get it, but when we live at the red line, we sort of run the risk of being swept along on the same path that we’ve always been on.  We just have to be aware of it has simply become our treadmill instead of a real path.

  11. I loved it when Doug was talking about making the time to hear the calling and thoughts around that and he said:  Once I heard them, I could understand them.  Once I understood them, I could own them, and once I owned them, I could do something with them.  This takes time and the whitespace that goes with that so that our hearts and minds are open as well.

  12.  You are making decisions every day about where you are going whether or not you are making those decisions intentionally or not.

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