It’s Never Too Late if You’re Willing to Learn – Molly Zemek (#036)

It's Never Too Late if You're Willing to Learn - Molly Zemek (#036)

My guest today specializes in two fascinating fields; personal development and food. Molly Zemek, a certified life and weight coach, joins us today to talk about how to maintain healthy relationships with food. Molly started her career as a chef and transitioned into life coaching. She now helps food lovers get to the root causes of their food-related issues and lose weight in a sustainable way. In today’s episode, we talk about the role food plays in our lives, food-related decisions, approaching weight loss with self-love, and more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Molly Zemek.

Show Notes

Life Coaching – After years of service in the restaurant business, Molly went through another career transition to become a certified life & weight coach. Molly shares with us how she helps food lovers maintain healthy relationships with food and alcohol.

Food & emotions – How food is connected to our emotions, how food may serve a purpose beyond just fuel, and what we can do to avoid unhealthy behaviors related to food and emotions.

Self-compassion & Self-love – Molly is a big advocate of using self-compassion to help people transform their relationships with food and alcohol. She shares with us how a transformation such as weight loss can benefit from and approach with self-compassion rather than self-loathing.

Decisions & Planning – According to Molly, making decisions about our meals earlier in the day helps us keep more disciplined food habits. We talk about how we can plan our meals in a way that prevents us from making spontaneous food decisions that do not contribute to our goals.

Embracing Uncertainty – Uncertainty can sometimes lead us to create bad habits. Molly talks about how we can consciously look around us, shift our awareness to what we have now, and avoid the negative effects of uncertainty.

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The Art of Embracing Uncertainty:

Bobbi's Takeaways

  1. When we are feeling stuck, we are missing a realization, a disruptive truth. We may have lost our passion for something we used to love. We may not like something about ourselves: health, appearance, a habit. We may be disappointed with where we are, where we’re going. Frustration can arise from something like, “I don’t like X but I don’t want to or don’t know how to change it.” Or “I don’t know how to get what I want without losing something I love (good food/drink)” or “I don’t know how to get what I want without committing to something else I don’t want (giving up my favorite food/drink)” It’s at these times when we need an insight, inspiration, a new way to see things. We need new awareness, which we can get by cultivating it, working with a coach who helps you learn to observe yourself in thoughts and action, exploring with curiosity to get a new understanding about yourself. This new understanding opens up new possibilities, new choices, which lead you out of being stuck.

  2. When we are in a place of feeling bad about ourselves, self loathing, it’s hard to make lasting transformation because we may still have those feelings toward ourselves even after we try something new. Molly’s suggestion is to take small steps toward accepting ourselves. We might start by moving toward neutral first, appreciating that we are alive, that we have a body, etc. She says, “Meet yourself where you are,” and grow toward love and acceptance. When you hear that voice in your head, you can notice it and hear it but refuse to listen to it. You can be curious about it to learn more about yourself but turn it off and refuse to accept it as truth.

  3. Commitment is when we have the willingness to work for something even when the setbacks happen. When we use past failures to justify not trying or giving up, we are allowing a “blocker belief” e.g., “It’s just not possible for me” to get in the way of true commitment. When setbacks occur, it just means there’s something you haven’t learned yet. Molly says, “Don’t give up on yourself.” Learn to disarm the “blocker beliefs” and make a true commitment. Decide what you really want. Then start. It’s never too late if you are willing to try and learn. You can create the life you want small steps at a time.

Thanks so much for tuning into UnYielded: Thriving No Matter what where we are committed to sharing ideas and stories that help us all live our lives, our way. 

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