Not That Bad Is That Bad (#039)

Not That Bad Is That Bad (#039)

This week on the UnYielded podcast, we have Susanne Justice Hidalgo, a life coach and a co-host of the Life Design Podcast, in which Susanne and her husband, Carlos, share their experiences to help others people. Throughout today’s episode, we have a deep conversation about identifying deep issues in a long marriage, her journey of reinventing life, self-forgiveness, cool things about living in an RV, and more.

Show Notes

Reinventing Life – Susanne had to face the dilemma of dealing with deep troubles in a 20-year marriage. She opens up about what led to this, what she learned through this experience, and how she reinvented her life after that.

Putting Life Back Together – We dive deep into the conscious actions Susanne took to heal the wounds and get her life back on track.

Self-forgiveness – One of the struggles Susanne had with her life is beating herself up for her decisions. We talk about how she learned to forgive herself and move on.

Advice for Life Transformations – Susanne shares with us some of the most important things she has seen that could help people who are going through a phase of reinvention in their lives.

Life in an RV – Susanne currently lives in a recreational vehicle, and it’s a totally different experience from living in a typical house. We talk about what feels amazing about living in an RV.

Susanne’s Book & Coaching – Susanne started to write a book about her experiences, and after publishing a chapter of the book, it took Susanne on the path of coaching other people. We talk about how this new path opened up for Susanne.

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Mentioned in the episode:

The Choice: Embrace the Possible by Edith Eger:

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you found Susanne’s transparency and desire to help others compelling.  I know that I did. 

3 insights:

  1. I loved it when she talked about taking responsibility for her own stuff versus blaming others.  That is so powerful.  I think that that is probably one of the things that set her free to move forward and to enjoy her life instead of being mired in the emotions that could be ruling her.

  2. I think that we all have an inner voice that is speaking to us at all times.  Sometimes we don’t hear it for a multitude of reasons and sometimes we hear it and we ignore it.  Tuning into and honoring that voice is one of the most important things that we can do.  Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is when I ignored that voice.

  3. Before making assumptions about someone else’s behavior go to them and say, “Before I create a story in my head . . . “ and then ask for clarification.  We could eliminate so many conflicts and so many hurt feelings by doing this one simple thing.

I hope that you’ll check out what Susanne and Carlos are doing on FB, as well as their book.

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