Present Performance Is Not Your Full Potential (#041)

Present Performance Is Not Your Full Potential (#041)

My guest is someone who had the courage to overcome huge challenges by taking responsibility of his life choices. Ted Phaeton, an anchor/meteorologist with FOX Carolina in Greenville, SC joins us today to talk all about how utilizing our full potential. Ted hosts two podcasts, No Rain No Rainbows and the Modern Man Show, where he shares his wisdom about self improvement and guiding men to have better lives. In today’s episode, we dive into what Ted learnt through his life experiences, what it takes to make huge shifts in life, Ted’s passion projects, and more.

Show Notes

No Rain, No Rainbow – Ted’s perspective on how the hardships in life shape our future is pretty fascinating. We talk about Ted’s motto he’s been following for a long time and what it means for him.

Learnings from Academic Life – During his college years Ted had to face challenging situations and they paved the way for important realizations as well. Ted shares with us what he learnt through his college years, including how GPA reflects effort rather that intellect, how following interests lead us to identify things we’re passionate about.

Making Big Shifts – It takes lots of courage to leave something you’re already good at and move into a new career and Ted is no stranger to big shifts. We talk about how he gathers courage for big shifts and what he’s learned through change.

Patience and Stubbornness – According to Ted, patience comes from stubbornness. He shares with us how these two traits are connected and what role these traits play in his life.

Passion Projects – Ted has quite a few things he keeps doing just because he’s passionate about them. We talk about his two podcasts, and other passion projects he’s working on.

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Sometimes we don’t realize our boat is sinking until the water is too high to scoop out:

Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you enjoyed that conversation. I know that I did. I always love talking with Ted. So here are my three insights for thriving.

  1. I loved it when he said that his GPA was not a reflection of his intellect but rather of his effort. I think that sometimes we mistake our current performance for our true potential and our present performance. It's just where we are right now. It in no way determines where we can go.

  2. Follow your interests and develop those, and your passions may unfold. Sometimes we put such pressure on ourselves to follow our passions, which is great when we know what our passions are. But sometimes we just need to take a couple of steps back and say, what interests us what intrigues us? What gives us energy. And something I found really interesting about Ted's story is, you know, following his interest also led him to study things that maybe he wasn't that interested in. Except it was driven by the overarching topic, you know, of Meteorology.

  3. Use your cheat card. If you are experiencing a problem, or a challenge or a dark spot, or whatever that might be, share it with someone, reach out. There are people who have solved these problems. We don't have to do it alone. People want to help. So and I have to say, it was really hard for me to just choose three insights. And I'm sure that you've got your own.

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