Love Yourself Enough to Thrive with Lenore D’Anzieri (#044)

Love Yourself Enough to Thrive with Lenore D’Anzieri (#044)

My guest today is a survivor who thrived through massive challenges that were put in her life path from a very young age. Going from being a homeless teenager to becoming a successful entrepreneur is just one of the signs of her incredible strength. Lenore D’Anzieri, certified social, emotional intelligence, and leadership coach, joins us today to share her story of thriving against incredible odds.

Show Notes

Becoming a Survivor – Lenore’s parents were a very young couple at the time she was born. Starting from her early childhood, she had to endure a tremendous level of abuse, mistreatment and she had to take responsibilities a child isn’t expected to take. Lenore shares with us how her childhood environment left her no other choice but to be a survivor.

Leaving Home – When Lenore was forced to leave home at the age of fifteen, she started a journey of her own, which was no bed of roses either. We talk about how Lenore started living without a home and somehow ended up starting an English school in Japan.

Choosing Who to Listen To – Throughout her early life, Lenore received messages from people that are intended to lift her up as well as drag her down. We talk about how she learned to consciously choose who she needed to listen to.

Forgiveness  - “Forgiveness is what set me free,” said Lenore while talking about how she managed to escape from the shadows of her traumatic early life and what we can do to thrive through our own traumatic experiences.

Giving up on Dreams – In her early years, Lenore had hoped to become an attorney, but her life path turned out to go in a different direction. We dive into how her view on life evolved and put her life on a trajectory toward success.

Obstacles – Lenore shares her thoughts on some of the common obstacles that get in the way of people when they’re trying to thrive and how to avoid them.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

Here are my three insights for thriving:

Surrendering to what is does NOT mean that we give up or that we accept our current condition as permanent.  I like how she put it:  it is taking the ball of what is and running with it. 

Find hope.  Think about what can you do today in the present moment that can lead you towards the life you want.

I love the advice that she gave her daughter:  no matter what adversity you face, you have to love yourself enough to want to thrive.

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