Thriving through Change (#051)

Thriving through Change (#051)

Once you embrace the idea that continuous change is a natural process for your growth and evolution, you will be reminded that who, what, and where you are now is a temporary condition, and my guest today is solid proof of that! Kristin Skarie is currently a Membership Manager with the Girls Scouts of Southeast Florida. Kristen has not only worked in 6 different institutions but is also the founder of Teamworks, a consulting company dedicated to building strong teams and leaders of integrity, positivity, and action. Kristen also authored the book “A Year of Nothing New – Tools for Living Lean and Green,” chronicling a year of conscious consumption and a values realignment on how one spends their time, money, and energy.

Show Notes

Kristin Skarie in a Nutshell - Changes are inevitable. Kristin explains her life’s journey filled with major changes and big steps of her moving to Florida followed by her mom’s arrival, moving in with her, and how Kristin went from having no position at the time of her move to getting an adventurous position.

Selfishly Caring for Self - Although thinking about ourselves might feel selfish at times, Kristin explains the importance of taking time and caring for ourselves, which she has started learning recently

Permission to Transition - Upon being asked if she still experiences those moments of sorrow or the tensions that came with the changes, Kristin spells out that the aftermath of the transition of the change can take months, years, or even decades. It all comes down to seeking comfort in the permission to go through the transition of the changes that has no ‘done timeframe.’

Remaining Grateful - Amidst the busy life and its chaos, it’s important to remain grateful, says Kristin. Kristin explains how finding small things in our life that we can be grateful about can make our lives better.

The Resilience of Thriving Through Change - Kristin finally explains how grateful she is to have something not many people do, and that is the resilience to thrive through changes. She further explains how grateful she is for having different circles of friends, and the proximity of her family, and the strengthening family circle, including everyone who all live close by.

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Mentioned in the episode

Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges

Bobbi's Takeaways

Here are my three insights for thriving. 

  1. I loved what Kristin shared from her dad. You have to have time to call your soul your own. I think that the need for us giving to ourselves and truly caring for ourselves is essential. It isn’t selfish. I believe that when we care for ourselves, we’re in a much better place to care for others. I don’t think that we can add to someone else’s life when we operate from a place of depletion.

  2. I really enjoyed how Kristin expressed it. The comfort is in the permission to go through the change. And through the transition, that really resonated with me. I think that many times we place these unrealistic shoulds upon ourselves that take away from our own comfort and our own peace, and giving ourselves the permission to go through it and to experience it, I think does bring peace and comfort.

  3. I thought that the question Kristin posed was very powerful. Where are the circles that I want to build? Because we all need that community, those circles, if we are to thrive.

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