Motivating Yourself on the Unknown Journey (#055)

Motivating Yourself on the Unknown Journey (#055)

“If your hero followed you around for the day, what would they think?”
That’s the question Anthony Trucks poses to his clients. Anthony, our guest for today’s episode, is a former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, and now an elite coach. He went from being a foster child in multiple foster homes to the NFL, to American Ninja Warrior to an elite coach. He is the CEO at Identity Shift, where they help you upgrade how you operate to be, do, and have more.

Show Notes

Living in Instability – Anthony explains that whenever we live in instability, it’s hard to connect. It’s hard to find joy. It’s hard to do anything.

Realizing who you really are – When you start realizing who you see yourself to be, and it’s at a higher level, it’s not as hard to do the things. In fact, it feels just as painful to not do that thing as it does for a person to do that thing.

Important Question about God – Upon asking why, “What promise did God make to the world when He created you?” is such an important question to him, Anthony explains that it’s an important question to everybody. If you’re not a believer, that’s completely okay. I’m not that kind of guy. But there’s always this thought of like, how we pursue our lives as humans, it’s the longest thing we’ll ever do, says Anthony.

Look at the Destination – Anthony explains when you’re always looking at the destination, you’re always presently aware of how far you are from it, how much you haven’t accomplished, how you’re unfulfilled and uncomplete things are.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

That was like a masterclass and motivation. Here are my three insights for thriving.

  1. Put in great effort before you know that you’ll be great. Or before it pans out. We don’t put in the effort after we’re great. We put the effort in to become great. I think this is also related to  Anthony talks about falling in love with the journey. We don’t always know exactly where the journey will lead us. But like he said to himself when he was in high school, if you don’t work at it, you won’t get it. I’ve often thought about it this way. If I want something to change, then I have to change, or I have to change something.

  2. It really resonated for me when Anthony said that we fight for what we believe we deserve, whether that is something good we deserve or something bad that we deserve, which to me really gets to the question of what do we believe we deserve? And I think it’s a great thing to tune into that and pay attention to what are we telling ourselves?

  3. I love the question that he poses to his clients. If your hero followed you around for a day, what would they think? What a powerful question to ask ourselves, or as we are going about our day.

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