How to Thrive After Reaching a False Summit (#057)

How to Thrive After Reaching a False Summit (#057)

People who work hard all of their lives, but have no purpose of directing every thought and impulse stored, at some point, might find themselves wasting their time, even when hard at work! My guests today talk about their stories of growth and triumph. Both of them have, in their own words, journey to the false summits of success only to realize that there was nothing meaning meaningful there for them. Joe Colavito and Dan Wilkins founded TREXAGAI, an innovative talent development firm, to help clients experience the unrestricted freedom and power of choosing to Run on Purpose. The name TREXAGAI provides a glimpse into these two trailblazers’ combined purpose. The name is a word combo. The front end is Greek, and the back end is Japanese. Together they create a language we all need to hear because we were designed to run on purpose together.

Show Notes

Purposeful Path – Dan jumps in first and shares his story about how he made progress towards a more purposeful peak after going down to a low point and to an even lower point. He clearly highlights how being a dropout and a runaway triggered a lot of future events that led him towards the purposeful path.

New Lens on Life – Joe shares his story about how after ten jobs and 16 years, he figured every one of them was not a place for him that left him running off course, running on empty, and like he was running out of time. Hence, his new lens on life was all about not running after paychecks and running after belt buckles and running after second homes. It’s running on purpose so that he gets the renewable, sustainable energy that he literally can’t turn off.

Intimate Process – Dan further discusses the intimate process of talking about your trials and your triumphs and using those as a map to define not only who you are but how you can have a redefined purpose. It’s an individual’s unique design to make life better for others. And so, what is your unique design to make life better for others and love? There’s a story there that needs to be on earth.

Buying the Lie – Joe explains how the statement, ‘Your Job Brings You Purpose’ is a lie. He explains that your job does not bring you purpose because if it did, he would have had 16 purposes by now. You bring your purpose to your job. So, the sooner you can figure out your identity and your purpose, and come armed with that, you then bring your purpose to your job, to your family, your neighborhood, your causes, and your community. It’s like you have one purpose, and you’re trying to take that to five peaks.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

I hope that you found a lot of inspiration and value in that conversation. are my three insights for thriving.

1.I loved the process, as Joe described it, of looking at the trials and triumphs of your life, and then standing at the crossroads, and asking yourself these four questions.

  • What do I do best?
  • What makes my heart jump?
  • What greatly disturbs me?
  • How do I make a lasting impact?

2. I love that process of thinking about what our purpose might be in life. I just thought it was really well articulated. And I loved the questions.  I think that the simplicity of the say, feel and do loop is powerful. What I say influences what I feel, and how I feel dictate what I do. This is why our self-talk really matters. If we want to thrive, then we need to become a very critical listeners to our inner talk. For myself years ago, I had to take a very hard stand with the way that I was talking to myself. And I and I had to stop myself mid-sentence sometimes or mid-thought, and say, “No, I will not allow you to speak to me or about me that way.” Because what we say to ourselves matters, it affects the actions that we take that affect our lives.

3. This is a bonus insight. Because it came up, unfortunately, in our post interview conversation, when we were still kind of talking about all this. And we were talking about one of the barriers that people sometimes have in terms of pursuing their purpose. And that barrier is that we might fear the fall from the summit, right. And that could mean in terms of losing some status or losing income, or the fear of what if we don’t make it, and they describe that as the valley of change that comes after the false summit. And I don’t know, there’s just something about that imagery that I really liked because somehow, it makes it less daunting, it makes it instead just part of the process. And what I also think about is someone that has ridden my bike and a lot of different places. Every valley has a natural ending, and a new beginning. And that to me is hopeful.

I hope that you found some inspiration and some nuggets in that interview.

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