The Courage to Ask for Help (#058)

The Courage to Ask for Help (#058)

Struggling to ask for help? You’re not alone! Many of us struggle to gather the courage to ask for help, even when we absolutely need it. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about why it matters. My guest today not only serves a long career in nursing but volunteers his time to coaching basketball to non-profits. His recent non-profit, C4 Leaders, has impacted the lives of many students through a process that consists of four key elements; communication, chemistry, consistency, and creativity. Jeff Christian, the CEO of C4 leaders and the host of the Life’s Essential Ingredients podcast, joins us today to share his wisdom.

Show Notes

Two-way-Street – While explaining how he always believed that God would provide in and help him, Jeff explains that helping is a two-way street in which one always receives greater than what they give.

C4 Leaders – Since Jeff wanted to do stuff different during the pandemic, he started a non-profit, C4 Leaders, that include coaching, leadership, team building development, working with some businesses, schools, and teams. He also mentions how he’s running some cool videos that they just post to highlight what they’re doing.

C4 Focus – We talk about C4 Leaders’ focus has been since its start, and Jeff further highlights that although Covid changed the focus of his non-profit, C4, it is yet based on the four Cs: communication, chemistry, consistency, and creativity.

Life’s Essential Ingredients – Upon being asked about why he started the podcast Life’s Essential Ingredients, Jeff explains that it’s a way for him and his college mate to connect and see each other. We also talk about his upcoming children’s book, in which he uses a theme of pizza making to get his leadership principles across.

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Bobbi's Takeaways

Here are my three insights for thriving.

  1. I love the story about red, and how he was willing to open his home and his heart to Jeff, and how in turn, Jeff was able to help him through what had to be a really difficult time. I was also touched by what red said when Jeff asked him why he’d never been on a plane. And he said because everything that I’ve ever wanted is right here. What an amazing way to live our lives. Instead of looking for what’s missing or what could be better. Why not ask ourselves what’s right in this moment.

  2. Maybe this is because I got my love of cooking for my dad. But I loved how Jeff talked about celebrating each other through mealtime. I’ve always said that my dad, he’s one that taught me how to cook. But what he really taught me is that we don’t just cook to put food on the table. We cook to show others that we care. And I think that when we sit down together at a table and share a meal, we are actually sharing more than the meal. Or at least we could be because it’s an opportunity to share our hearts with one another.

  3. When Jeff said how important it is to ask for help, it reminded me of how I used to really struggle in doing that. Because for some reason, I always thought that I was supposed to always have the answer. Back in 2000. When I was leaving the law firm that I’d worked at for years, one of the partners, Stewart, gave me a card that was wishing me well. In the card, he wrote, “you can be as successful as you choose to be. If you find the courage to ask for help.” I still have that card. And I still treasure that feedback and that insight. And that began to change things for me.

I hope that you enjoyed listening and that you had a lot of great takeaways of your own.

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